Vita TV Has My Attention

OK, Sony, you’ve officially gotten me to pay attention to the Vita again.

In the wake of several good Vita announcements – like the new slim version and a price drop that literally everyone was calling for – I was starting to regret selling my PS Vita about 9 months ago to help fund a gaming PC (which, though I have problems with PC gaming, I don’t regret buying)… but now I’m officially buying in again, and it’s all thanks to the non-portable option.

Yes, PS Vita TV has made me interested in the Vita after I swore it wouldn’t happen again.


Let me state that I don’t think the Vita is a bad machine; in fact, it’s a very good piece of hardware that I probably gave up on too early. I didn’t feel like the games I wanted were there, and I was skittish about how fragile the thing could be; I had to send mine in for repairs for a drop that was half the distance of one my 3DS had survived without a scratch. My biggest problem with the Vita was while the games were console-quality, they only made me wish I could play them on my TV.

Now I can, at least those who think like me and happen to live in Japan can, as of this November. It’s all thanks to a tiny box with streaming capabilities and a PS Vita game card slot, controlled with a DualShock 3 controller. And it’ll cost $100, which is perfect as far as I’m concerned. I liked the Vita‘s games but not the portable aspect (or the touchscreens), so now I’ll be able to play games I regret missing out on without having to spend $200 to get another Vita.

True, the PS Vita TV won’t play all Vita games, as those who have mandatory touchscreen controls won’t function… but I never liked those controls anyway. It’s also true that Vita games don’t look as good as PS3 games, and thus that’ll be reflected on my TV, but there are a lot of really, really pretty Vita games anyway, so I think I’m set. Plus there are a lot of excellent Vita games I’ve missed out on that I can now get thanks to PS Plus for free.

In other words, Sony, if you bring the Vita TV stateside, you’ll have at least one sale right here.

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