Titanfall 2: First Look At The Single Player Campaign

Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment has just revealed the first details about Titanfall 2‘s single player campaign – and it’s looking amazing.

One of the biggest omissions of the original Titanfall was a standalone single-player campaign. The game featured its own story mode, sure. But when it came to details, that mode was a few bit more than a multiplayer universe with occasional entertaining cinematics on top. This piece of criticism, the fact that Titanfall’s lore probably deserves more love and attention from its creators, has not gone unnoticed. Respawn Entertainment is showing that they have worked on a full-on single player campaign to keep us entertained for a while. And it does feel different indeed.

Titanfall 2: A Thoughtful Experience

The story puts us in the boots of a soldier called Jack Cooper, who has this intense desire to pilot his own Titan one day. Titanfall 2 starting point has this rifleman fulfilling his dream – albeit, not in the way he exactly expected. The presence of these giant machines is everything but new to players of the first game, of course. But the sequel is setting a new milestone here. After recovering some power cores for a disabled Titan called BT-7274, Jack and the machine form a special neuro-link and the adventure starts.

Titanfall 2

Instead of being a simple cold war automaton, BT-7274 surprises us with its own personality. And here is where you start understanding what’s the direction that Respawn has taken and why this is so great for a game like this. Rather than filling the screen with explosion chains, shots and crazy jumps the single-player experience seems to be something thoughtful. Even reflexive. Respawn Entertainment already said that the story mode of Titanfall 2 will explore the bond between man and machine. This is clearly the pivotal spark that ignites the narrative and shapes the slower pace of the campaign. This is not to say that action scenes will disappear completely, of course. Have a look at the brief trailer and you will see also what seem to be the bad guys of the story.

One interesting feature is the addition of conversation and dialogue options between Jack and BT-7274, which we can’t help but love. It’s still unclear whether these dialogue charts will have a clear impact on the story or will just create an extra immersive touch. Nevertheless, for a clear FPS title this possibility is still refreshing. On top of that, Respawn has confirmed that the fights will be evenly divided between those with Cooper on foot and inside the shell of BT-7274.

The hype is very real but we’ll need to wait. Titanfall 2 is set to launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 28 this year.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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