The Game Fanatics Staff: Enis Tezcan

The Game Fanatics Staff

Writer: Enis “Nis” Tezcan


Enis “Nis” Tezcan has been a writer for The Game Fanatics for just a short time, having worked his way up from a contributor. Prior to ending up on the beaches of Florida where gators eat small children and internet trolls, he grew up in the Windy City. Born and raised in the southern suburbs of Chicago, he spent most of his days running around and getting into trouble when he wasn’t in front of his video game system. The first console he got his hands on was the NES, which to this day he still owns. In his later years he became a die-hard fan of the XBox when it was first released.

During his normal days he is usually working and managing one of the largest hotel’s along the east coast of Florida. By night he’s a certified bad-ass when it comes to rocking kids on Halo. Ask anyone from TGF that’s played with him during their community events. An avid gamer of all genres he’s literally played it all. From games such as Battletoads, World of Warcraft, Halo (all of them), Call of Duty and the Elder Scrolls games he’s pretty much played them all. Some call him a perfectionist, but he just likes to call himself an achievement junkie. His gamertag is King Nis085 if you think you’re up to the challenge.

When he’s not sitting in front of his Xbox 360 or at work, he spends his days with his wonderful wife on the beach catching some sun or surfing when the waves are just right. Can’t forget about his two dogs who are always begging to hit the beach too. Hasn’t had the chance to teach them to surf yet, though. One of his biggest (and expensive) things outside of his little entertainment center and video-games is without a doubt his tattoos. One of his most unique pieces is the portrait of his wife that’s on his right forearm. Don’t mind the Forest Spirits from the anime, Princess Mononoke, they won’t bite. Everything that he’s got inked thus far has a great meaning to him and by the looks of it, he isn’t slow down. Most of his friends are surprised he hasn’t gotten anything Halo related… yet.

Follow him on Twitter (TGF_KingNis) and track him down on Xbox 360. He loves meeting and talking to new people even though he does it hundreds of times a day. If he’s not tweeting “cowabunga!” then he’s probably out saving the galaxy, or being threatened by the likes of 8 Bit Brit.

Question 1. How did you become interested in online journalism and what attracted you to The Game Fanatics?

Answer. I’ve always been interested in online journalism and the gaming industry itself. When I saw how active TGF was throughout the web and how fun everyone seemed, I just gave it a shot and went for it.

Question 2. What motivated you to reach the highest level in Halo 4. When did your love for Halo begin?

Answer. My motivation for reaching the highest level in Halo 4 actually dates back to the early days of Halo: Combat Evolved. When that was released there was no actual rank, but when Halo 2 came out and Bungie implemented the ranking system, I was head over heels for it. I’ve always been a hardcore competitive gamer. Whether it’s been within my group of friends, random matchmaking and even tournaments, I’ve always strive to reach the top. Even if my rank doesn’t show it, I usually prove to be the most overall skilled.

Question 3. Tell us about your Michelangelo tattoo. What compelled you to get it? Any chance for another tattoo?

Answer. Cowabunga, dudette! As simple as it is, it’s one of my favorites. The idea came up though in conversation just after my wedding took place. Three of my groomsmen, including my brother, were all looking at getting another tattoo done. There was four of us, so I nonchalantly brought up the idea of getting the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle faces done on us. One character for each person. So we all chose our favorites, mine being Mikey of course, and decided on getting them done on the top of our feet and just went for it. Right now, as the time is drawing near to my one year anniversary, my friends are already questioning whether or not we’re going to make it a tradition and get something done together each year. As far as matching tattoos, I’m not sure if I’ll get another one. But with over 50% of my body already covered in tattoos, I’m sure I’ll be getting another one sooner then later.

Question 4. What is the first console you ever purchased or had gifted. What was the game you played and what were your earliest memories?

Answer. My first console I got as a gift for Christmas was the first Nintendo that came out. I would spend hours on end trying to get through Mario Bros. I couldn’t understand the concept of the game when I was so young. In my early teens is when I went back to conquer it and make sure I beat it. That, and the Legend of Zelda, which I still have not beat to this day. Don’t judge.

Question 5. If you could create your own video game, what would it be? Which video games would you take aspects from?

Answer. I’m a huge fan of Role-Playing Games and First Person Shooters, so I would probably start there. Whether or not I would go for the more Sci-Fi route or Fantasy route, I’m not sure. I’ve always been torn apart when thinking about it creatively. Halo has probably been my biggest inspiration as far as story and depth goes. The average player that doesn’t look past the campaign and multiplayer aspect of it wouldn’t realize the intensity of the story’s depth. Games such as Halo, Mass Effect, Dragon’s Dogma, anything Elder Scrolls, would all have aspects taken from them. From story, combat and even to dialogue. All of them have something amazing about them leaving me to want to implement bits and pieces of all into one amazing game. You might as well call it now, Game of the Year 2020.

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