TGF Press Start Week Ending December 11

This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better. Said games can range from retro to current and from casual to FPS games. If we’re playing it, we’ll share it. Please feel free to comment with what your playing or your opinions on the games that we’re involved with.

Charles: Went back to playing some Saint’s Row: The Third, but co-op this time with my good buddy @PhantomGamers. Also played Whored Mode, which is full of nothing short of awesomeness. Playing some side quests in Batman: Arkham City. I used to study for finals, until I took an arrow to the knee.

Jeff: I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Modern Warfare 3 this week, and I’ve got to say, it’s comparable to what COD 3 was to COD 2 in 2006, quick time events and all. Apart from that, I’ve spent my time revisiting Guitar Hero: Metallica. I like to thrash.

Jake: Picked up my 3DS, as well as Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D Land, and Star Fox (thank you Best Buy sale!). I really enjoy the first two, not sure about the latter yet because I haven’t touched it much. Oh. And HoN had a big patch come out this week. So…..yea…..been playing lots of that.

Jen: Finished up Saints Row the Third and I loved it! My only problem is when I tried to load my character (to start a new game), I kept getting error messages about the server being down. I still haven’t gotten my created character downloaded into my game yet and I hope I can since I want the achievement for it. I then went back to Skyrim to work on missions for the Thieves Guild.

George: Played and beat Arkham Asylum on hard in prep for Arkham City. Assassins Creed 2, beat it a while ago, but my god it’s fun. Pokemon Black again, beating the rest of it, after I finished the main story. League of Legends Dominion is complete win.

Jasdeep: I bought Brink for less than a tenner – mainly on impulse – and have really enjoyed it so far. It deserves praise for trying to break typical multiplayer FPS conventions by placing an emphasis on class-based objectives rather than individual kills. It’s far from perfect, but I think its core idea is unique enough to warrant a sequel. If Brink 2 were to have the polish of its contemporaries, I could see it carving out a loyal and dedicated following.

Tom: I’ve been on BF3. The 64 player online is keeping me busy, especially since I’ve found a couple of great servers that always have fun people playing in them. Being on a good team on BF3 and working together to get an objective is bliss.

John: I’ve been playing Serious Sam 3: BFE when I should be studying for finals. I’ve also started another playthrough of Final Fantasy 9.

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