Project Cars for Wii U Has Been Cancelled

The Wii U version of Project Cars has been cancelled, according to developer Slightly Mad Studios.

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Wii U Performance Update Delayed

Earlier this year, Nintendo stated that they’d be implementing a series of updates that would add Virtual Console software to Nintendo’s eShop, and increase the …

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 18 – WiiU Sells Big, Wii Mini Announced, Small Batman Rumor, Large Handful of DLC, and Sizing Up The WiiU

New site layout and a new episode of “The Game Fanatics Show.” Charles and Ryan bring you news from Nintendo, talk a little about superhero …

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Skullcandy and and EA Team Up for Limited Edition Army of Two Gaming Headsets

Skullcandy and EA have recently teamed up to create Limited Edition Army of Two inspired gaming headsets off of their new SLYR headset line.

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 16 – No More PSM, No More Friend Codes, 3 More Protagonists, and Video Game Movie Talk

Ryan survives the Assassin Order attack and continues with the show with the latest news regarding Playstation’s Official Magazine, WiiU friend codes, and more on …

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NYCC 2012 | The Amazing Spider-Man for Wii U Information Reveal

The Amazing Spider-Man, scheduled for a spring 2013 release on the Wii U, will employ the Wii U’s unique controller and design. 

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Is Nintendo Copying Sony?

In this generation, it seems companies would do just about anything to be on top. From stealing, or mimicking ideas that are popular. A recent patent …

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ZombiU Trailer Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the Zombie Apocalypse

Since it’s debut at E3, ZombiU has been teased as the  zombie experience you have never played before. With its revolutionary control system and unique …

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Nintendo Reports $460 Million Loss for 2011

The 3DS might be selling fairly well but it seems like it is making Nintendo lose money. In their 2011 fiscal report Nintendo shows that they had …

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Motion Control Gaming, Next Best Thing?

I remember when there wasn’t even the slightest thought of someone controlling a video game without an actual controller. Gaming has come a long way,and …

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E3 2011: Kirby Wii Trailer & Off-Screen Demo

The pink fluffy warrior has made his return. It has been confirmed that Nintendo fans will be showcased with another Kirby title. It seems like …

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E3 2011: Nintendo Officially Announces WiiU

The Internet has beeen abuzz about Nintendo’s next console. While Microsoft and Sony have plans for their consoles for the next few years, little bits …

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