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Nintendo 3DS Direct for Third Party Games Being Held Tomorrow

Nintendo is holding a 3DS Direct event in Japan that will center around third party games. The event will be held tomorrow, July 11.

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Fanatical Five – Third Party Games on The Wii You Might Have Missed

With the Wii U available and a list of titles not currently available, this might be a good time to play some games you may …

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First third party Playstation Move controllers hitting stores soon

Roll clip for the Hyundai commercial, What if we always settled for the first thing that came along? The first ever third party controllers for …

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Mad Catz announces new Wii controllers

Mad Catz, one of the leading providers of third-party console accessories, recently announced two new Wii controllers, with each product coming in standard and micro …

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Bungie in better position with Sony than without

It’s almost like living in the Twilight Zone when the developer behind the biggest titles in Microsoft’s gaming history is no longer an exclusive developer. …

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