Justice League Day

Celebrate Justice League Day with Reprints and Tattoos

To celebrate the upcoming Warner Bros. release of Justice League in November, DC Comics has planned Justice League Day on November 18th; the day after …

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The Doomsday Clock Comes Early from DC Comics

After a year-long build for their Doomsday Clock storyline, DC Comics has announced something special for the final piece before the clock strikes midnight. DC …

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Fireside Chat | Ben Affleck is… Batman?

Ben Affleck is Batman in the next Man of Steel movie. Don’t panic! At least, not until you’ve read my chat with Jeff about this …

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Fireside Chat: Batman vs. Superman

With the recent announcement of a Batman/Superman movie, I sat down with The Geek Cave Podcast’s Darrin for an admittedly nerdy chat about the film, …

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Injustice: Gods Among Us gets Zod Trailer, Man of Steel Skin

If you liked Man of Steel (it’s pretty good, trust us), then you’ll like the next bit of DLC coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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Fanatical Five | Superman Stories You Should Read

It’s the summer of Superman, as DC Comics celebrates the Man of Steel‘s 75th anniversary.

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The Geek Cave Podcast | Xboneheads

It’s time for another edition of The Geek Cave!

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Fan Mixes Superman Old and New In Man of Steel Trailer

Remember when fans were skeptical about Man of Steel composer Hans Zimmer’s ability to create a score worthy of following John William’s seminal original?

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The Fanatical Five | DC Comics Characters that Need a Movie

So yet another Marvel Comics movie is out now. Maybe you’ve heard of it… and DC Comics is finally making another Superman movie, with Man …

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The Fanatical Five | Things a Superman Game Needs to be Good

Superman is the Chicago Cubs of video games. Deep down, everyone would like to see them win the big one, have a great season/game, but …

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Launch Trailer Arrives, Seeks Justice

The countdown to the launch of Injustice: Gods Among Us is almost over, with the game’s launch trailer officially unveiled today.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena | Superman vs. Batman

The Battle Arena promotion for Injustice: Gods Among Us is reaching the final round, as Superman faces Batman in a battle for Internet popularity superiority. …

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Demo Impressions

The demo for WB Games and Netherrealm Studios’ highly-anticipated Injustice: Gods Among Us is here… but is it any good? Darrin and Charles find out.

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