The Evolution of Video Games

Over the last 25 years, video games have undergone quite an evolution that goes far and beyond their graphics and capabilities. The marketplace once had …

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Macken Movie Update – Real Steel: New trailer

Its like Rock ’em Sock ’em robots Real Steel has 2000 pound fighting robots, a developing story of a second chance at greatness…Oh and Hugh Jackman. …

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I Like to Watch

On more than many occasions I’ve cozied up on the couch with The Mister and suggested he start up a video game so I can watch.

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Steam Indie Air Pack (Save 92%)

Do you like Flying games? Do you like saving money? Would you like to own five game for the price of half of one? If …

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Review: Robo Defense by Lupis Labs

The best $2.99 I’ve ever spent. It’s all my son’s fault.  When I got my Motorola Droid phone earlier this year, I was not interested …

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