Review: Robo Defense by Lupis Labs

The best $2.99 I’ve ever spent.

It’s all my son’s fault.  When I got my Motorola Droid phone earlier this year, I was not interested in games, well maybe a little bit.  He encouraged me to download the trial version of Robo Defense.  This is the first tower defense game I’ve played, so there was a small, very small, learning curve, but once you make it around that curve; let’s just say yee haw; lots of fun.

Robo Defense is a simple game.  Robots enter from the left and try to make it across the map to an exit on the right.  You try to stop them by building towers of various types to destroy everything that comes your way.  There is always one entrance and always one exit on the map.  The exit is directly across from the entrance.  If the robots exit the map, your health is reduced by one, it you destroy the robot, you earn additional cash.  The cash buys you additional towers and can be used to upgrade a tower’s defense.  Each game earns you reward points that are used to upgrade your capabilities.

Overall the game is easy, fun, and limitless.  There are still some bugs, but they are rare and far between.  The first bug is when you accidentally press the Droid’s home key, alone the exit side of the game, as you are placing towers near the exits.  Pressing home is the middle of a level will exit the game and return you to the Droid’s home screen.  When you go back into the game, it doesn’t always remember where it was.  I’ve had it restart a level or two back.

That’s not too bad, but from time to time there is a killer bug that can be very frustrating.  Since the games can get rather long, you often have to save and quit.  But sometimes, like one in a hundred (I’ve played way too much.), the save will not reload and you have lost your game.  When this happens early in the game, it’s no great loss, but when it happens on level 95 of 100, and you have a perfect game going, well, let’s just say, feelings of bliss do not occur.

Overall I give Robo Defense a 3.8 out of 4.  The two tenths deductions are for the couple of bugs.  Happy gaming!

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