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K/DA in Your Area: In Conclusion, We Stan

Since 2018, League of Legends and K-pop fans alike have been eagerly awaiting more of Riot Music’s K/DA. The members of the girl group may be fictional but the hype around “Popstars” was absolutely real.

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Riot Games’ Valorant First Impressions and More Final Fantasy VII Remake | Final Checkpoint Podcast Ep. 33

This week, Joel and Ben welcome back Logan Myer to the show to discuss Final Fantasy VII Remake more in depth with pros, cons, and …

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Madison Square Garden

eSports Division hires Nick Allen to head Counter Logic Gaming

Big changes are coming to Counter Logic Gaming.

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Berlin eSports start up Dojo Madness has launched an analytics and data visualization platform for professional League of Legends teams called Shadows.LoL.

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Galio's New Look - Riot Games

Galio’s Rework For League of Legends Is Super Fly

Galio’s rework is finally here. That nasty gargoyle is back and he looks shiny, golden, and better than ever in a short video preview.

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League of Legends: Camille’s Ability Kit Revealed

Last week Camille, the newest League of Legends champion, was revealed in a comic called Severed Ties. In the comic Camille was shown to be a …

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You Have 10 Days To Redeem Your More Printed Skin Codes for League of Legends

In order to combat scammers, Riot Games is doing away with all printed skin codes from before April of this year.

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Greg 'Ghostcrawler' Street is now at Riot Games

Greg Street, former Lead Systems Designer for World of Warcraft, has joined Riot Games as a lead designer.

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