Nyko Releases Sleek New Switch Accessories Just in Time for the Holidays

We’re already halfway through November, and Thanksgiving as well as Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re on the hunt for a Nintendo Switch or already have one, Nyko has some great accessories that can accompany your console. Check these out!

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Super Miniboss Wireless Controller by Nyko

Here we go again, folks! Today, Nintendo releases their SNES Classic Edition. Though it already comes with two controllers, what better way to go wireless with Nyko’s Super Miniboss Wireless Controller!

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Nyko Announces New Accessories For NVIDIA SHIELD

Nyko, one of the main names in gaming accessories, just launched a line of accessories for the NVIDIA SHIELD on their website.

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CES 2013 | Nyko Remedies Nintendo Wii-U’s Battery Ailments

In a meeting suite at CES, Nyko showed us their full line-up of Wii-U accessories, from battery packs to controllers. If you watched our Nintendo …

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Nyko Enters the Wii U Controller Game

On November 30th, Nyko announces it’s creation of five peripherals aimed at battery/charging solutions for Nintendo’s Wii U. 

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A Fanatical Unboxing of the Nyko PlayPad Controller for Android

We got our hands on Nyko’s bluetooth controller for Android devices, the Nyko PlayPad, and managed to capture a video unboxing of the device before putting …

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 18 – WiiU Sells Big, Wii Mini Announced, Small Batman Rumor, Large Handful of DLC, and Sizing Up The WiiU

New site layout and a new episode of “The Game Fanatics Show.” Charles and Ryan bring you news from Nintendo, talk a little about superhero …

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Nyko Zoom May Be Delayed a Month

After this year’s E3 we brought you a story of an add-on to the Kinect, the Nyko Zoom. It was slated for an August 13th …

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A Look at Nyko's Zoom for the Kinect

We had a chance to sit with Nyko at E3 as they demoed for us their latest creation: the Zoom, which effectively reduces the play …

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