MLB 2K12


MLB 2K12: New Trailer, Demo, and RV Tour, Oh My!

Hey baseball fans! Samuel here with the latest news on 2K’s MLB 2K12. The first thing we have is an 8 minute trailer of pure …

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2K Sports Releases First "Official" Trailer for MLB 2K12

In January 2K released a teaser trailer for the latest edition in the MLB 2K franchise. Now 2k has released another trailer for the game, …

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2K Sports Announces Xbox-Exclusive MLB 2K12 and NBA 2K12 Combo Pack

@2KSports and developer, Visual Concepts, have announced the release of the MLB 2K12/NBA 2K12 Combo Pack, which aims to satiate the sportiest of gamers. For 70 …

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MLB 2K12 Cover Athlete Makes Announcement Tonight on Conan

MLB 2K12’s cover art athlete, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers, will be making a major announcement on tonight’s Conan. Fans will find the pitcher …

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Nintendo Reveals Release Dates For Early 2012

Nintendo hasn’t been short on high-profile releases lately, with Super Mario 3D Land, Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Mario Kart 7 all releasing within weeks of …

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