MLB 2K12: New Trailer, Demo, and RV Tour, Oh My!

  • jana

    when u flip on the intrnet fr ps3 does it issue if u dont know the sicurity code? what will happen

  • mendhak

    can anyone let me borrow there mlb tv email and password so i can watch mets games! i promise i wont give it to anybody!
    yes im serious lol

  • Rishabh Bajpai

    I just started racing demo derby cars and even thou the rules say no reinforcement I know people do it. I am just looking for ways people can reinforce there cars, mostly engines so I can last longer. Any tips, skills advice would be awsome! Thanks.

  • Eric

    Im playing mlb 2k12 and i hit the ball in the gap and my player is jogging how do i make him go faster?

  • zigg3ns

    I know what they use demo clubs for, but is there a real differnence in performance between a regular and demo?

  • Agent 47

    I am trying to help someone who has a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications with a concentration in digital animation get a job doing graphic design or animation. What is more important for a job candidate to have when applying to jobs in this field- a portfolio or a demo reel? I thought a demo reel was kind of like a portfolio, but I know nothing about this industry and I am trying to be helpful. Thank you!

  • Nick

    I have a psp-3000 and a PSN account. I really want to download a Demo for my psp coz I’m planning to buy a umd. Will you please give me some instructions on how can I download demos in the PSN? Thanks.
    Also, I don’t have a wi-fi connection.

  • Duke

    I have an xbox 360 and downloaded a Dragon Ball z Raging Blast demo. I cannot afford to get the game and i would like to unlock more characters other then Goku, Piccolo and Raditz. Could someone please teach me how to unlock characters in the demo, or how to get the whole game for free on xbox live. Thanks.

  • Picean

    I have been making music for 15+ years and I finally feel like my new material is ready to send out to the major labels. My new project has only been together for a year but we are selling out shows left and right and people seem to really be digging the material. We have two singles available on itunes, and besides sending a press kit and our demo. I have no idea what to do or where to send things. Anyone know of addresses or a good source for this kind of thing?