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Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division Gets the Green Light

ABC has given the go for a pilot episode for the TV series titled S.H.I.E.L.D.. This is the live-action series based within the Marvel universe.

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Joss Whedon Confirmed for Avengers 2

Once comic readers and geeks alike saw Avengers for the first time, we all hoped to not only get a sequel but that Joss Whedon would be …

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SXSW 2012 to Present New Whedon/Goddard Film and Others

Joss Whedon fans, if you happen to be attending this year’s SXSW, you’ll have the privilege of going to the world premiere of his next …

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Official Movie Poster Release for The Cabin In The Woods

Think you know how horror films work? Think again. The upcoming horror title “The Cabin In The Woods” is set to turn the genre on …

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Macken Movie Update – The Avengers: Ruffalo talks Hulk

The Avengers movie…Nuff Said The Avengers Movie is lining up to be one of the best comic book movies, of all time. Combining a range …

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