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David Cage

A Look Back At David Cage Part 1

With Detroit: Become Human almost here, Tyler decides to take a hard long look at the history of the studio and creator, David Cage.

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Indigo Prophecy Launches August 9 On PS4

It has been confirmed by Sony that on August 9th, Indigo Prophecy will be released as a 1080p digital title on PlayStation 4 consoles.

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E3 2012 | Top Five OMG Moments of E3

E3 is over and done with but the memories and impressions still remain. There have been those OMG moments and some not so stellar. Those …

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E3 2012 | Beyond: Two Souls — Ellen Page Stars In A New PS3 Title

Sony kicked off their E3 2012 press conference with a sneak peek at the newest addition to the Quantic Dream family, Beyond: Two Souls. 

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Thirty Days of Video Games Day Thirty – The One Game Everyone Should Play

There’s a few games out there that I would recommend that everyone plays but it will be the same games that I’ve talked about during …

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Thirty Days of Video Games Day 10 – Most Exciting Playable Moments

There are moments in a game that gets your heart racing and you try to fight off the emotion and concentrate on playing out the …

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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Three – A Game That is Underrated

There are games out there that I believe are underrated but they just end up being a cult classic, which to some, is the same …

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