My Memory of Us and Our Memory of History

My Memory of Us appears to be another indie platformer on the surface. But dig a little deeper and it’s a poignant story about history.

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“No E3 For Me”: Why Do Some Of The Biggest Names Skip The Biggest Show?

Why are some developers skipping the E3 conference, and what does that mean for the Gaming Industry as a whole?

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Visage, a Spiritual Successor of P.T., Gets a Delay

The Kickstarter-backed survival horror game Visage is still aiming for 2017, but it won’t arrive before summer.

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Rain World

Watch: The Stirring Opening of Rain World, From Videocult and Adult Swim

Developed by Videocult and published by Adult Swim Games, Rain World gives players control of a part-slug and part-cat creature that must use spears and …

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Nintendo Switch Indie Games infographic

Nintendo Switch Indie Games Featured In New Video

Nintendo showcased a batch of upcoming Nintendo Switch indie games from some of the most popular independent developers and publishers.

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5 Indie Soundtracks You Must Experience | Fanatical Five

When the soundtrack is good, the game is even better! Discover 5 albums featuring some of the unique tunes that left a mark on recent indie games.

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Sundered Pre-Alpha Preview | Aggressively Addicting

Sundered can best be described as a hand drawn Metroidvania with buttery smooth combat mechanics.

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Seraph – Fanatical First Impressions

I’ve been trying to progress past this one part in Seraph, the new side-scrolling shoot-em-up by Dreadbit that released this Tuesday. I was doing pretty well for a while, too! But now I’m stuck with a long grind in front of me.

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Hour Long Comiket Trailer Released

It’s time again for Comiket! Doujin circle Edelweiss has uploaded over an hour of doujin game trailers from the 90th Comic Market convention.

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EA Originals Presents Fe Gameplay Footage | E3 2016

EA has unveiled an adorable, original new game called Fe.

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Retro RPG Goodness: Guardians of the Rose

A new RPG, Guardians of the Rose, hits kickstarter. The game evokes the sensibilities of past action RPGs like The Legend of Zelda.

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Heal Up with A Healer Only Lives Twice’s Trailer

Check out the new trailer for A Healer Only Lives Twice, a strategy game with a very unique premise.

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The Deer God Review: Picturesque Pixelated Forests

The pixel art world of the Deer God is elegant and captivating, however after a decidedly underwhelming and short lived play-through much of the game leaves something to be desired and in some cases causes the game to break down.

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