Hulu and ESL

ESL signs exclusive streaming deal with Hulu

Hulu is hopping on the eSports wagon.

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Hulu Plus (Finally) Hits Wii, 3DS Later This Year

Despite already being available on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, Hulu Plus is still making some rounds on new consoles; Specifically, Nintendo consoles. The streaming video …

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Rumor: Hulu on XBL This Friday

XBox Live already has Netflix instant streaming and Zune’s Marketplace but now we might have another way to watch videos, this time, with Hulu Plus. …

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Hulu Plus on PsN

Since I haven’t turned on my Ps3 for a while, I wasn’t really aware about Hulu Plus on the Playstation 3 Network. It seems in …

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Rant: OMG XBL is $10 More!

The majority of the NES generation are in their 30’s, including myself. When we were younger we didn’t have to worry about the price of …

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Hulu for XBL Gold Members in Early 2011

Straight for Mircosoft’s twitter feed, @Microsoft_Xbox, “Hulu will be coming to Xbox LIVE as part of their Hulu Plus, a customized experience for Xbox LIVE …

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Hulu to be Shown at E3 for the XB360?

If having Zune’s Marketplace and having 360’s Video Marketplace isn’t enough for you to fill your movie and TV needs, it is now rumored that …

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