Hulu for XBL Gold Members in Early 2011

Straight for Mircosoft’s twitter feed, @Microsoft_Xbox, “Hulu will be coming to Xbox LIVE as part of their Hulu Plus, a customized experience for Xbox LIVE Gold members in the US. Coming early 2011”.

Not sure if Hulu on XBL will ever be avabaile in other contries or not, but the US will be able to watch TV shows via Hulu from their XB360 sometime in early 2011.

Hulu Plus will cost $9.99 a month to subscribe to. With another cost on top of XBL, why should we even bother? Especially if some of us already have Netflix. Granted, Netflix needs more movies and TV shows to be instant if they want to compete with Hulu Plus. If Netflix doesn’t step up their game, Hulu might be taking over. Netflix does still has a slight advantage over Hulu and that’s movies.

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