Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Impressions

The 4v1 formula has been popular in gaming for some time now. Games like Dead by Daylight and Left 4 Dead have really left a …

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Ghostbusters World Review

Ghostbusters World is an AR free-to-play game that understands the breezy fun and humor of the Ghostbusters franchise. There’s also a regular game there too.

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Upcoming Games July 2016

Upcoming Games | July 2016

Summer keeps moving on and the videogame world never stops. Here’s our list of upcoming games for the month of July.

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The Movie Fanatics Commentary Podcast 04 | Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call? The obvious answer is the Ghostbusters, but we picked the next best thing, CGR Undertow’s Derek.

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Who You Gonna Call To Play The Slots? Ghostbusters!

In what is sure to be a treat for, well, anyone of the franchise, MGM Resorts International has announced today that they’ll be intoducing Ghostbusters slot machines …

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