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Do Macs Have What it Takes to Ding into the Mainstream Gaming Market?

Hi, my name is Matthew, and I write for a website that covers a multi-billion dollar industry. The amount of games that are developed and …

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WWDC 2012 | All-Out Apple Blowout

Apple‘s increased popularity has lead some to believe that Apple of the 90’s never existed. Honestly, it’s hard to believe a 90’s Apple did exist. …

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DariusBurst Second Prologue Arrives on the App Store

The Darius series has had a long gaming legacy that stretches all the way back to the arcades in 1986. Its games have graced multiple …

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Apple unveils social network, new iPod and TV tool

Apple has launched a music-centered social network at iTunes and unveiled slick new iPod and Apple TV gadgets that promised to win the iconic company …

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