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  • Opal Morrill

    I know you could system Simple on a spectrum but the genuine games, were they written in assembler?

  • Roslyn Pasley

    Do anyone remember the names of some ZX spectrum platform adventure games about a little egg man?
    This was a little egg shaped man that had to find his way through his world to solve quests. Was out around the same time as Abe’s oddessy/exodus. I realise that this is from a lifetime ago when Clive Sinclair was doing his bit in the computer world. And was probably available in other formats,atari,commodore 64 etc. Help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

  • Jesse

    This has always baffled me. I’m no tech guru, but despite being ages old – I’ve found myself quite curious how the old ZX Spectrum computers worked. When a friend of mine dug his “speccy” out and showed it to me, my mind was completely baffled when I saw that the games he had were on cassette tapes. How did they record data – of all things – to tapes? How did the computers read the tapes? Did they have to be “rewound” like music/video cassettes?

  • uberfailz

    or your C64 for the slightly posher kids.
    I stupidly gave my 48k away to a friends kid. I suppose it got played with again. Knight Lore!
    Was Atari not a bit posher still?


    Years ago i loved playing Ant Attack and lots lots more. It would be so nice to play them again

  • Sonny

    Where can I play the classic games for the ZX Spectrum 48K like Manic Miner, Football Manager, Jetpac, Pinball, Bomb Jack, Paperboy, Match Point, Ms. Pacman, Bruce Lee, Chuckie Egg, Jet Set Willy, Saboteur, Fairlight, Pole Position, Spy Hunter, Renegade, Back to Skool…