First Look


Seraph – Fanatical First Impressions

I’ve been trying to progress past this one part in Seraph, the new side-scrolling shoot-em-up by Dreadbit that released this Tuesday. I was doing pretty well for a while, too! But now I’m stuck with a long grind in front of me.

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Mega Man Creator, Keiji Inafune, Announces New Zombie Game

Keiji Inafune, designer of Mega Man, and producer of Onimusha, Dead Rising and Resident Evil, has been hard at work since he left Capcom almost 2 years ago, and now …

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First Look And Impressions For 'Red Dawn'

The very first stills from the upcoming movie Red Dawn have come online. Despite having a few date setbacks, the 2012 remake is moving forward …

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