Update!: Square to Not Drop Enix in Their Name

There’s a press release going around that have many to believe that SquareEnix will be dropping the Enix part of their name and therefore rebranding …

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LulzSec Taking It to the Extreme

LulzSec, the not-so-popular but now profoundly infamous hacker group, famous for breaking into Sony, Square Enix, and Bethesda, have announced via their Twitter that you …

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E3 2011: Final Fantasy 13-2 Teaser Trailer

Since SquareSoft and Enix joined forces, they’ve been dishing out the sequels left and right and Final Fantasy 13 is no exception. Here is the …

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New Final Fantasy XIV screens

Square-Enix rolled out some screens for Final Fantasy XIV. They look pretty sweet, as the game is moving in the beta stage. Check them out …

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