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PlayStation 5 Finally Revealed! | Final Checkpoint Podcast Ep. 41

This week Joel and Ben react to the PlayStation 5 reveal. They breakdown the games announced and their overall impressions of the design of the …

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Making friends playing games – Our stories | Live w/ TGF! Ep 13

In this weeks episode we tell our stories of the friends we have made due to video games.

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“Games that made us RAGE! Mario Maker, Dark Souls, and Dota 2.” | Live w/ TGF! Ep 06

This week we discuss games that made us rage quit, or completely stop playing due to frustrating mechanics, difficulty spikes, gameplay and glitches.

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Lords of the Fallen 2 Readies to Strike

Lords of the Fallen came to the gaming world and made enough of an impression to garner the potential of a future sequel.

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The Ur-Dragon Makes His Debut in Dragons Dogma

When I first heard the rumor of this dragon I thought everyone was joking, but now it looks like those rumors were true, and man …

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Dark Souls: All Saints Day Trailer and Statues

This is the last Hoorah for Dark Souls before its much anticipated October 4th release date. Below we have a trailer titled “All Saints Day” …

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Dark Souls Double Feature

Yes, that’s right folks we have a double feature of Demon Souls today. We finish the second half of the prologue that was featured a …

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Dark Souls Gameplay Bonanza

Dark Souls, the successor to the popular Demon Souls is receiving standing ovations from crowds at GamesCom. While the game itself could be summed up at as …

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Dark Souls: Dukes Archive Gameplay

Recently at GamesCom 2011 FromSoftware revealed more gameplay of their upcoming game Dark Souls. The footage shown was called Dukes Archive. While the game’s basic …

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