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Prepare Yourselves: Microsoft To Allow Online Play With PS4, PC

We are truly living in the end of days because Microsoft announced today it will allow cross-platform online play with PS4 and PC, starting with the indie hit Rocket League.

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Planetside 2 | PS4 and PC Versions will not have Cross-Platform Play

If you were looking forward to playing with your PC buddies in Planetside 2 on your PS4, think again.

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Team NINJA Releases New Screens and Details About Dead or Alive 5 Plus

Team NINJA announced and expanded upon some of the features that Dead or Alive 5 Plus, for the PlayStation Vita, will support.

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Preload Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Today

The Enhanced Edition for Baldur’s Gate goes live on November 28, but fans of this D&D series can purchase and preload this game today via …

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