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Peyton Hillis wins the Madden 12

Well Animal rights enthusiasts and Angry gamers have picked Peyton Hillis over the more talented yet dog abusing player Michael Vick. There were a total …

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2K Sports renewing its MLB-themed skills competition

Last year, the people at 2K Sports held a competition to commemorate the release of MLB 2K10,  which featured a number of advanced gameplay features. …

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Madden 11 let out early in Times Square

Madden NFL 11 cover athlete Drew Brees tweeted this afternoon that he would be in the heart of Manhattan today at Times Square giving away free …

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NBA 2K11 Cover Athlete

If the picture didn’t give it away already, yes, the legendary MJ23 will be the cover athlete for NBA 2k11, and it is said that …

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