Peyton Hillis wins the Madden 12

Well Animal rights enthusiasts and Angry gamers have picked Peyton Hillis over the more talented yet dog abusing player Michael Vick. There were a total of 1,095,332 votes and Hillis won 66% to 34%. Through out the whole campaign ESPN has claimed a total of “12,000,000+” votes were made. This is proof that Animal rights enthusiasts don’t believe in the “Madden Curse” or else Vick would have won by a Landslide. (Or people just don’t know good football) If you’d like to see the painfully corny unveiling of the cover athlete you can check it out by clicking this link for the ESPN coverage. What do you think? Does Vick deserve the shaft? Should he be punished for his crazy crimes despite his skill? Or do you truly believe Peyton Hillis is a better player? (pfft)

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