Bethesda Game Studios


Watch: Prey’s Mimic Madness Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda showcases the special ability Mimic Matter with a new gameplay trailer for Prey. Their first-person sci-fi action game is set to release on May 5th, 2017.

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wasteland workshop

Wasteland Workshop: Raider Eye for the Commonwealth Guy

Thank goodness for the Wasteland Workshop. Launching on April 12th, players have the chance to build the settlement of their dreams! Or a terrifying horror filled death pit, it’s really up to you; this DLC definitely gives you that option.

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Fallout 4: Automatron Review | Spare Parts

The first expansion for Fallout 4, the robot-focused Automatron, is a decent enough remastering of a famed Fallout 3 side-quest – and that’s about it.

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BREAKING: Fallout 4 Release Date Unveiled?

E3 is only a week away and perhaps we’ll know more about the games we love and their release dates, however that doesn’t stop certain …

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Skyrim: Dragonborn Trailer Released

Bethseda is pleased to showcase their upcoming DLC for Skyrim titled Dragonborn with this new trailer! I know from the start of Skyrim the one …

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Winners Of The 2011 Video Game Awards Have Been Revealed

The Spike VGAs have just wrapped and the dust has settled. The show had quite a bit of exclusives, and we finally got to see who is behind The …

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Beautiful Skyrim Character Shots

Have a look at what the characters will look like in Skyrim, launching November 11th for the PC, XB360 and Ps3. Skyrim is the fifth …

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