Star Wars: The Old Republic | Is it Still Worth Paying For

I’ve been a paid subscriber to Star Wars: The Old Republic since the get go. I’ve been playing since the beta. Yesterday I finished the final story arc with my Imperial Agent. I’ve now finished every single story arc from Jedi to Bounty Hunter. All of my characters are level 50 and above and every single companion loves me, be it platonic or otherwise. Now a question has dawned on me, why am I still paying monthly? I have until January until my six month subscription runs out and honestly, I might not renew it.

When I first started SWTOR, I knew that I wanted to try out all character classes and that I wanted to play SWTOR for the story, which I did. All and all I did get my money’s worth. What started to bug me as a subscriber is that we did get things first but after a while, those who do not pay monthly also got said items. In my opinion, those items should only be for those who pay to play. If Bioware and EA are just going to make those items available to everyone, why bother, right? Yes, it is nice to have all my characters available by being a paid subscriber however some of my characters haven’t been touched in a while.

For me, I no longer see the point of paying every month when I can play for free whenever I get the urge. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a great MMO but not my favorite. That place is saved for City of Heroes. I don’t want to knock down SWTOR, as I said, the game is fun but now that I am done with all of the story arcs, I don’t see the point anymore.

I will say this, out of all the story arcs, the Jedi Knight was the best one to experience and the one that still stands out in my mind. As far as companions, the Smuggler had the most believable and entertaining.

Yes, I still want a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III but I am happy that I spent the time playing SWTOR however my paying days might be over unless something big pulls me back in. This would have be a story driven DLC perhaps only open to subscribers that dives into more of Revan’s story or something similar. I just don’t want to pay for a game that I might not touch for weeks on end or even months.

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