Star Wars Battlefront’s Season Pass for Free on PS4


Star Wars Battlefront‘s Season Pass is currently free on the European PlayStation Store. If you were looking for an opportunity to jump in and get all expansion packs without inflicting a general wallet loss, this might be your chance.

The only downside is that the promotion is available for PlayStation 4 users only. EA has yet to confirm whether this will expand to other platforms but hey, we are not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth… We are also pending confirmation from the publisher about the availability of this Season Pass on North America but it could well be that this is arriving at a later stage fairly soon.


Getting Ready for Battlefront II

This retail movement is not “that” surprising, considering that the next Battlefront is getting closer and closer. November 17 marks the arrival date of Star Wars Battlefront II for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So EA may have as well decided to offer this token to pump players up before the sequel hits the stores.

For the rest of many, EA has mentioned that they are ditching the Season Pass model for future games, including Battlefront II. Meaning, they are more committed to delivering free content for everyone when it comes. While there are still questions about how this sequel will monetize instead, the movement goes in the right direction.

Have you been playing Star Wars Battlefront recently, Fanatics? Are you looking forward to November and the next title? If so, what are you expecting to find there? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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