Snapdragon World Record Challenge Claims a Victor for Longest Mobile Gaming on a Tablet

If an item on your bucket list was to one day have your name associated with a gaming-related Guiness World Record, Efren Pogi Ballestamon Jr. just beat you to it.

The 31 year-old San Diegan took part in the Snapdragon Gaming World Record Challenge, a two-day event presented by Qualcomm and its Snapdragon processors. Ballestamon Jr. was among 50 entrants who were required to game strictly on a tablet for 26 straight hours, striving for a hand at up to $50,000 worth of cash and prizes. Contestants registered online and were notified in mid-May if they were qualified to participate. The game-off began in Gilbert Lindsey Plaza onsite at E3 on June 5, and ended June 6.

Each marathon hopeful chose among a selection of five titles as their go-to game, which included GT Racing: Motor Academy, Galaga: Special Edition, Fruit Ninja, Virtua Tennis, and Blood & Glory. 26 of the 50 participants were able to meet their objective, with Ballestamon Jr. earning the $20,000 grand prize and a Samsung Galaxy Tab. AT&T provided the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9s used for the challenge.

I happened to hear about the contest results through an office co-worker who has Bellastamon Jr. among the groomsmen in his wedding next month. The contest took place right after he attended the groom’s four-day bachelor party in Las Vegas, which ended this past Sunday. The sleep-deprived celebrator left the oxygen-pumped casinos for an immediate flight to Los Angeles for yet another seemingly nonstop experience. Having banked more than a thousand dollars on roulette over his Vegas adventure, Bellastoman Jr.’s luck apparently stayed with him. Charged with the determination and focus of a true contender, the Guiness World Record maker’s efforts have certainly paid off.

Keep an eye on the site this weekend as The Game Fanatics crank out an exclusive one-on-one with the winner, where you’ll get to learn more about the local hero, what other games he plays, and maybe what color and number pocket you should bet on.

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