Self-Healing Plastic Fixes Itself When Exposed to Light

  • Jynxed

    Interesting point of view.

  • Janet Somerville

    Like perhaps a TV, so maybe in a hockey season… the costumers may well want a TV to observe the sport even though eating….

    My project has to have a paragraph that will concentrate on the business’s use of technology and the varieties of company documents/procedures they use engineering to manage. And the engineering that will help to support the business.


  • Patty Guest

    Hi I received a mail declaring that I have been invited to apply for membership in the American Chemical Society and I wasn’t positive if I ought to utilize for it due to the fact I do not know significantly about this society. Any Individual know far more about it or have any advice?

  • Tia Zuehlke

    I am near to graduating and I have an choice to just take some further lessons to receive the American Chemical Society Certified Diploma with my B.S Chemistry. Is it firmly highly recommended that I really should have this certification. How can it assist me. Professionals remember to help!

  • Margery Degarmo

    Wednesday I am taking my school Gen Chem closing exam. It is likely to be the American Chemical Society Exam. My professor said it will cover Gen Chem I and II, as a result it will be broad, but easy.

    Do you know any review websites? Is there a location where I can see the content that will be on the exam?

    Thanks much!

  • Desmarais

    Because for illustration the system may possibly be able to offer some diagnostic details if one thing excellent occurs.

    So men and women can use this data to more effortlessly fix and improve the system.

    So to this extent the method assisted to recover itself.

  • Jokerzwild

    and we are one step closer to the machine take over….shiver…self healing robots.

  • Roslyn Pasley

    What figures beneath plastics are protected to use and what ones aren’t? I just purchased a drinking water bottle with a 4 under it is that safe?

  • Patsy Herring

    I am likely to be using the American Chemical Society General Chemistry Examination in a couple of weeks and was questioning if there were any critiques or research guides for that test specifically, or if their are aged test on the web.

  • Tia Zuehlke

    I Am heading to Italy and unfortunately (tear tear) my new phone, the Samsung Moment would not work there. Atleast from what my dad and mom say.
    So I Will get a new telephone there and I want to get one particular that can be utilised on a US cell cellphone network (ex Sprint or Verison) when I transfer back.
    So what phones that can be used in Europe and the US?

  • Marcia Hester

    I Am making an attempt to find some sort of apply exams or research guidebook for the ACS common chemistry final. I’ve read that the examine guide supplied on the ACS internet site is of small help, so I was pondering if there was anything else that anybody knew of. I’ve by no means taken a standardized chemistry ultimate in college, so I’m not confident what to expect. Any info on its problems would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

  • altair

    and what was the answer to the lab question on page 1?

  • Sergio

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    What other suggestions do you have?

  • Dr Hank

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    the iphone is available in the shops tomorrow and i want to get one
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  • Victoria T

    I want to get the iPhone, but i don’t know how long i will be overseas. So i was wondering if the iPhone works just like the Blackberry i know that one is internationally used. Please help me to clear this up. Thanks so much!

  • Xedo

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  • The Beatles

    Should I get an Iphone 4s now or wait for the Iphone 5??????