Sea of Thieves Gains Sea Legs in Demo, Delayed to 2018 | E3 2017

Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves, which has been pushed back multiple times before, has been delayed until 2018. Rare’s new IP received a nine-minute gameplay demonstration at today’s Xbox conference. It has been confirmed to run in 4K on the Xbox One X.


Sea of Thieves was announced at E3 2015, and we’ve seen a little more gameplay each year since. It was one of titles The Game Fanatics were looking forward to the most from Microsoft’s conference.


Diving into Sea of Thieves

As the gameplay demo starts, we see a group of friends working together on a pirate ship. They dive into the ocean to raid a sunken ship for treasure. They then quickly (and humorously) fast travel to an island awash with caves. All throughout, they work off of clues from an ever-changing piece of parchment. Finally, they find an unmarked spot and dig for an ornate treasure chest. After getting it back to the ship, the crew engages in an on-seas battle with another pirate vessel.


Sea of Thieves E3 2017

In the demo we see the team fight with reanimated skeletons (often equipped with old timey guns), vicious sharks, and pirates controlled by other players. In former gameplay demos, it’s been hard to gauge exactly how emergent and satisfying the game could be, but this latest drip of footage shows us that the game might just have legs, and could very well keep you and your closest friends sailing the high seas for quite some time.

If you missed the conference, here’s a comprehensive list of trailers and reveals from Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference. Tomorrow is Sony’s time in the spotlight, and here’s our list of 5 games we want to see from their showcase. For more news on Sea of Thieves and everything from E3 2017, keep an eye on The Game Fanatics.


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