Sea of Thieves February Release Confirmed by Xbox Australia

Sea of Thieves

Drinking grog with your pirate pals and venturing into unknown waters and is closer than you think. Xbox Australia has confirmed that Sea of Thieves is coming in February 2017.

Sea of Thieves was one of those weird jewels from the E3. Coming directly from the English studio Rare, this online pirate game looks prankish and nonchalant, the sort of title you could spend hours and hours with your buddies. Probably grinning the whole time like a true freebooter lord.

There were already rumors about a February release – but now we’ve got the official confirmation. Xbox Australia has tweeted that the game is indeed coming for Xbox One around that release window. On the other hand, Xbox Games global marketing chief Aaron Greenburg has quickly added his two cents. He’s very pleased to see the warm reception that the game is harvesting but, he reminds us, a concrete release date has yet to be defined.

Since Sea of Thieves belongs to the Play Anywhere program, it’s quite likely that the game will also come for Windows 10 the same day. Remember that one of the virtues of this initiative is the cross-play element so it would be amazing to see the possibility of battling crews from different platforms.

Sea of Thieves: a Multiplayer Pirating Experience

The good thing about Sea of Thieves is that it does not look too serious or pretentious. Yes, there is inevitably some competition involved (you do not want your ship to end up at the bottom of the ocean, after all…) but this does not seem to be the point. Everything seems to be carefully placed in this game to ensure a rather funny and uncomplicated experience for everyone.

The principle is easy. We’ll start with a crew of sorts on an island, our flagship calmly resting nearby. Both the ship and all the environments of the game are completely interactive so it’ll be up to us how to explore that open world, what improvements to apply to our ship and how we’ll deal with the shadows of other ships on the horizon. There’ll be time for roleplaying, for crafting and getting better at maneuvering our vessel. Sea of Thieves is about social companionship, that’s for sure – but it incorporates a strategic drill as well. We cannot wait to try and create our own Fanatic crew!

Is this a game you are looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section down below!

[Source: IGN]

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