Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Demo Reveals…Tombs!

Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay demo

The latest Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay demo puts aside Lara Croft’s assassination skills in favor of spelunking into the titular tombs.

Crystal Dynamics seems to be making good on their promise to include plenty of tombs in their latest raiding adventure game. The video above shows, after some chopper action and more of Lara getting hurt, her cinematic journey into a hidden oasis while being tailed by baddies. Traps and movement puzzles seem to be a large part of this particular tomb example while death remains a looming possibility throughout. An apparent difference between this sequel and the original is that the tomb on display in this Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay demo seems to be critical path whereas a majority of them were optional before.

Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay demo
You can expect some of these “secrets” to be not-so-secretive to Lara’s enemies.

Crystal has promised a greater number of tombs, more difficult to acquire secret treasures within them, and for these mini adventures to take more time to complete in comparison to their franchise reboot. This, the company says, is an important balance to get correct if their game is to stand out from others in the genre. Check out the Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay demo above to get a taste for danger before the game’s November 10 initial release on Xbox One, followed by PC first then PlayStation 4 next year.

(Source: All Games Beta)

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