A Red Dawn Approaches With Homefront: The Revolution

Crytek will be bringing the war back to American soil next year when they plan to release the co-developed Homefront: The Revolution.

The franchise was acquired by Crytek when former publisher THQ auctioned off it’s assets in January of 2013. When it was originally in the hands of Kaos studios, Homefront was a first-person shooting, a linear mission campaign that tasked the player with fending off a North Korean assault on the United States. Crytek has teamed up with publisher Deep Silver (Saint’s Row, Stalker, Dead Island) to bring the franchise into AAA territory with releases on all next-gen platforms and an all new style of gameplay.


The title will feature an open-world setting within the cityscape of Philadelphia and player’s will be assuming the role of a resistance fighter named Ethan Brady. They will be tasked with fighting an oppressive regime with a combat style centered on the tactic known as guerrilla warfare.

“If you can get in and get out before they have a chance to respond with all of their firepower, you’ve done well.”

Players will be able to approach encounters in various ways, with different outcomes and the local populace will react throughout the city even if the player is not in that particular district. Deep Silver insists the game will feature a living, breathing city that could even result in isolated, AI driven KPA and Resistance clashes spilling over into the player’s campaign missions if the locations were in close proximity. It’s up to the player if they decide to join in the battle to hopefully recruit some inspired civilians or use the encounter as a diversion and slip back to the hideout with a mission success.

No competitive multiplayer modes have been announced at this time but it was revealed that Homefront would feature some form of co-operative gameplay that would involve up to four players. The trailer below is our first glimpse of the title, with actual gameplay being promised for the upcoming E3 event.


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