Quantum Break Devs Working On New Game

Remedy Entertainment

Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment, responsible for Quantum Break and Alan Wake, seems to be very busy these days. During one of their latest earning reports, the company announced they are currently working on a brand new title, codenamed P7.

According to Playstation Lifestyle, the game will be released on a wide range of platforms. This is a different approach than they took with their last two games, which were Xbox and PC exclusives. The team is also working on their in-house Northlight engine. The Northlight engine will power their new game. Apart from P7, Remedy is also developing a single-player story for a CrossFire sequel in collaboration with Korean studio Smilegate.

In a statement from last year, Remedy confirmed their interest in strong narratives but also opened the door for future additions to their formula:

As an independent studio in the highly competitive games business, it is crucial to constantly evaluate and define our direction. We want to keep doing and improving on what we do best: exciting stories, memorable characters, believable worlds and cinematic action… At the same time, we want to challenge ourselves to find ways to also expand these elements to include cooperative multiplayer.

Whether P7 will incorporate multiplayer remains to be seen.

Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 is Not on the Horizon

In a tweet exchange with some users, Remedy Entertainment also talked briefly (but in a decisive fashion) about the future of other franchises. For instance, and to the despair of many, they confirmed they won’t be doing Alan Wake 2. “Hope to make it one day if possible”, they said. However, their current plans are keeping them busy. When asked about the future of the Max Payne franchise, Remedy reminded users that Rockstar Games owns that franchise. “The future is up to them,” they added.

What are you hoping to see from Remedy next? Have you played one of their games recently? Let us know in the comment section!

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