Press Start | This is What We Played

Welcome to another edition of Press Start! This is where we here at The Game Fanatics dive into what we’ve been playing this past week.


Recently finished Saint’s Row IV for a second time. Since then I’ve been playing a myriad of things. Started Dark Souls, slowly playing through that. Also, Dragon’s Crown is really fun in that Gauntlet style of gameplay. Currently played the Elf and having a blast. Lastly, I started playing through Ratchet and Clank on the HD collection yesterday. Brings back fond memories and looks great with the update graphics.


Grand Theft Auto V and Guild Wars 2 have been getting a lot of love this week. My low attention span has plagued my progress in GTAV. It truly is an amazing and fun game. On Guild Wars 2 I hit level 58 and will be shooting for level 65 this week. Crafting in GW2 is great and farming for materials pays off due to the de-scaling of the level in lower leveled zones.


I’m still working my way in beating Grand Theft Auto V. I think I’m almost there and I should have it beaten by the end of this week. I played a little bit of SWTOR. GTAV is taking my time away from SWTOR and hitting level 50 with my final character. I picked up my 3DS again to play some Project X Zone. After not playing this game for a while, I wasn’t ready for the battle and sadly, I died. I picked up Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes that was free for XBL gold members. I haven’t had that much time with the game yet but it looks fun.

Hey tree, get out of my car!
Hey tree, get out of my car!


A bit more into Wind Waker HD and then right into Beyond: Two Souls. Without getting too much into it, I enjoyed Heavy Rain a lot more but Beyond had it’s moments as well. There are a number of scenes that I will remember for a long time, and others that were just ok. Overall, it’s a bit of a mixed bag but I’m glad I played it.

And then….. Pokemon!


My gaming this week was fairly broad, ranging from Dr. Mario to Dead Space. I’ll be spending more time with the latter and its sequel this week, along with Halo 2, Batman: Arkham City and Bioshock Infinite.

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