What We Played for Week Ending February 12

  • Marcie Thach

    Very Last month my very best pal began liking this boy. He is 14 in the eighth grade and she just turned 12 in the sixth grade im mature than her by 4 months.We are in the same grade. I knew the boy and I was friends with him. we talked to eachother but not often. He was kind of the kind of boy that was only there for their bodies.In the end of February one particular day she instructed me that the day just before she tongue kissed him in the hallway. I wasn’t content about it.Not long later on we went to the mall for her birthday. That is in which i told her that i didnt feel he was her type. She questioned me to make clear why I coulnt clarify it bu i instructed her tht i could see her obtaining herself in trouble or acquiring her emotions hurt by him.She listened to me and she assumed about it but she went with her individual thoughts.A couple of days later on in the beggining of March we have been strolling in the stairwell and he kissed her once again for about 15 seconds.This time Isaw it but there have been tons of other kids around.Again she went with her personal thoughts.Later at the end of that day me her and 2 of my other close friends ended up strolling by ourselfs with no other young children about in the stairwell.The school has a lot of stairs.On the second ground we ran into him and he pushed her in the corner and kissed her again.This time it was long. Of program in shock my other 2 friends ran down the stairs laughing and screaming and somehow i got pulled down the stairs. We went into the space in which we sat whilst we waited for our rides and a number of minutes afterwards she walked in smiling.

    She didnt know that we still left but she advised us what happened after we left.She explained following they stopped kissing he turned her about and explained “let me hit it from the back” she attempted to get absent then he explained “nah permit me cease playing” and they still left and went on with their lives.Her stepdad operates at the school and somehow he found out and informed her mom.Of training course her mother was mad.She knew she raised her much better than that.My buddy almost certainly obtained the optimum of punishment.She took absent her phone, computer, ipod, tv and the worst point was that her mother wouldnt speak or look at her.It was like she wanted noting to do with her. On leading of that she was taking her to the medical professional to get checked out. Her mother is quite nice and 2 weeks later she received most of her privliges back.

    A handful of days ago we ended up in our educational institutions soon after school plan and my buddy instructed me she was pondering aboutdoing “things ” with the boy.I was genuinely dissapointed in her. We talked about it privatly.I advised her that we would all be dissapointed in her and she stated that she just wished to try. I explained a couple of other issues like her mother would eliminate all believe in in her . One More point I mentioned was that at the charge she is heading she will finish up like one of the silly ladies on the demonstrate 16 and pregnant that we speak about now. That assisted a lot. At the finish of the day I convinced her not to. Our good friend who is a boy arrived over. We had been talking about some thing andplayfully he referred to as her a slut. This manufactured her cry. He started out to really feel undesirable so we comforted her. She was okay right after awhile. Quickly I had to leave.

    Here are some specifics about my friend:
    -She is not the lying type
    -We are the two very sensible talking schoolwise
    – I detest to say this but she is the freaky kind which I loathe about her
    -This would have been her 1st time thank jesus
    -We are both african american christians
    -I wont say she is extra fat but she is overweight but only due to the fact it runs in the loved ones but her mom isnt

    Here are some specifics about the boy:
    -He is african american muslim
    -He began likely to our college last year
    -He has been out with a lot of girls
    -He has had intercourse before
    -He’s had experience
    -He’s skinny and boney and not really attractive

    The dilemma isnt completely solved but they are doing work on it. I needed to know if I did the appropriate factor and If there is something I could have done.Also I would like to know if there is something I could do to get this more than with because i dont like currently being concerned in drama. I also really want to hear your ideas on the situation

    Note:No I am not like her in this way.Ive been with boys and kissed maybe two times but nothing at all serious and im not having sex untill im 20 atleast.I have a good deal of thoughts but i dont have the time or enough space to describe them all
    sorry but a great deal of items happened. Its like reading through a quite dramatic book.This is much more drama then ive go through in any book
    No im genuinely not jelous at all i just know her type.Most of the boys shes been with i liked and i have nothing at all in opposition to him exept for that

  • maskills24

    Okay, in my highschool years, I usually play with “2 best friends”. I met them both in grade 6. I will call them N and S.

    I met S when I was in grade 6, she was one of my best friend. In the last year of our highschool (2008-09), in february, I guess she changed and now she is more quiet than before. When it was break time at school one time in february, I was trying to talk to her and she unexpectatly turned and walked away (like she does not want to hear me being happy and for us to lift our spirits). That incident still makes me shake. I did nothing wrong. Everytime I see her, she just hinders me and does not want me to have fun in life. Everytime I see her she looks mean and stares, like I did something wrong. What did I do???
    Well now, I think we silently and subliminally agreed that we do not want to play with each other anymore. She looks like she does not want to have any fun in life. I respect that, but you do not put anybody else down, which she does. Examples: telling me to sit down, telling me to be “quiet”, and telling me to stay at places, etc.

    I met N when I was in grade 6. We were not the best of friends, she just met me. She makes lots of friends. She is sort of like a befriender to everyone. In 2007-2008 school year (grade 11) she became my best friend since she asked if we could walk at lunchtime. In 2008-09 (grade 12), one day, the school had a spirit week, you can sign up for the Amazing Race. I wanted to sign up, she said yes, then suddelny “no”. She said she was “too scared”. I felt like a helpless person ever since.
    One bad trait of N is that she lets fear really get into her way, by oversaying the word “scary” as an excuse to not do anything and not trying something new. I think she does not want me to do anything in my life either. She is just saying that she is scared. N always says no to me, puts me down, lowers my self esteem, not being emotionally supportive to me. Saying “no” to put my self esteem down, never trying anything new.

    The thing is that N said “lets be friends to the end”. I really need THE OPPOSITE. She did not let me react so I could not control anything.

    I just feel like I am stuck, this is not a happy life for me. I feel like I had missed a lot of things that happens to people in life. Life is not fun, really feels like jail and having someone stopping you in every way. S and N are generally sad people, but their personality is just like this. They always say NO.

    What they taught me is that you have to stay quiet, reject people nice people, reject offers from people, reject, say no to everything. and DON’T TALK and DO NOT BE SOCIABLE.

    They want to be friends with me to the end. They think I like them. How can I let them go? They always ask me to play with them, and when that happens, it is another day of torture.

  • Matthew

    Okay, lets start from the beginning. I’m 13, and my name is Lucy Henning.
    I live on a farm in England, and I am in my second year at secondary school (Year 8 in England, Seventh Grade in America). I have two best friends: Matthew (12, will turn 13 in Jan), and Meghan (who moved from Ireland to our school at the start of high school – she is 12, and will turn 13 in April). Meghan lives on the same street as this girl, called Melanie (who is in her first year of high school, so she is 11, and will turn 12 in August). But they have known each other since Meghan was 4 (their mums know each other), but they became close when Meghan was 9 and Melanie was 8 or so.

    Last year (when she was in Y6 and I was in Y7), Meghan invited both of us to her sleepover, with another girl (Emily), who also lived on their street (she moved, and I’ll come to that later). We went to McDonalds, had a laugh together, went back to hers and did makeovers, then watched TV, then told spooky stories and played truth or dare. We had such a great time, and there was no arguing or leaving out. I went to sleep with a smile on my face, with Melanie next to me, Meghan on the other side and Emily on the other side of Meghan.

    One week later, I got an email from her asking if this was the correct email address, as Meghan gave her it. I told her it was right, and we chatted quite a lot (over email). The sleepover was in January, and at the end of February, whenever I sent her an email, she ignored it. I sent her a lot of emails asking what was wrong, but she never answered. So the next day at school, I asked Meghan what was wrong with her. And she told me these things:

    Melanie had said that I was poor, fat and ugly

    Melanie bragged about the fact that she lives in a big house and that I live on a farm (but I have a 4 bedroom house on it lol).

    That I “smell” cos I live on a farm (I shower every day, wash my hair with shampoo every 2 days, wash my hair with both shampoo and conditioner twice a week, I use perfume and deodorant, and I ALWAYS wash my hands really well and put hand sanitizer on when I come back in from being out on the farm)

    And she said other things, like my clothes are weird, etc. And she said all this behind my back, to Meghan. Then I got so mad (and I don’t often get mad at things like that), and said some horrible stuff behind her back. I can’t remember what I said, honestly, I can’t (if I did I would say), but I remember that it wasn’t nice.

    So, guess what Meghan did? Told Melanie! And thats how it all started…
    We kept that childish, pathetic stuff up… for about… six months? I don’t know, but a long time. And I’m sad to say this, but eventually I chickened out. I sent her an email saying I was sorry (like a coward), and then she didn’t email back, and I still heard that she was saying horrible things about me. So one day, I saw her at the park, and I walked up to her and gave her a full length apology, and told her that I had (obviously) heard everything that she had said. I said that we didn’t have to be friends because we clearly didn’t (and don’t) get along, but I at least wanted her to show some respect. She said okay, and smiled at me, then said bye and began to walk home.

    When I got home (it was November last year by then), my mum was sat in the kitchen, talking to my stepdad, who was covered in mud from the farm. They told me to sit down, so I did.
    “I’m afraid Emily’s mother died in a car accident last night. Her dad and her are moving to France next week.”
    “Omigod, really!?” I shouted, because I knew that Emily was close to her mother. “Why to France!? Oh my God, this is terrible. Should I go and see her?”
    “Because they want a fresh start, which is why she is not going to see any of her friends any more.”

    I don’t know why that happened. But I still feel sad about it, and she is still in my prayers. R.I.P Okay, but anyways, Melanie started talking about me again. And I sent her another email, saying that I was older than her by more than a year, and that this SHOULD NOT be happening. She didn’t reply. So I sent another email, saying the same thing, and I got a mean reply back at her. This morning Meghan came in looking upset, and she said that Melanie’s mum is coming into my school, and the primary school. I suddenly got scared, cos I don’t get into trouble in that way often. And I’m still frustrated and scared. SHE IS YOUNGER THAN ME!? IVE APOLOGISED, SAID THINGS I’m NOT PROUD OF, MY GRANDAD DIED EARLIER THIS MONTH AND I’M EMBARRASSED, SCARED AND FRUSTRATED. I AM ALSO GENUINELY SORRY, BUT SHE WON’T STOP.Help? Give me some advice? Do u think they will tell me off really badly? She has said some REALLY horrible things, and she is blonde, rich, and basically a little bitch. Please help me and sorry this is so long and confusing. Thanks 🙂
    I don’t want us to be friends anymore, I’m just worried about her mum coming in, cos she either did today (Monday), or she will tomoz or Wednesday etc. Any advice on that???
    Thanks PD LOL xxx
    BTW, the reason Melanie’s mum is coming in is cos she wants to talk about me and get me into trouble. Yes, I said some things that I’m not proud of, but at least I apologised, and I was genuinely SORRY. She just carried on. And I’m scared about what the teachers might say. I’ve worked really hard for the good reputation I have, and I don’t want that stupid rich kid’s mum coming in and ruining it for me. She doesn’t know half the stuff her darling daughter Melanie has been saying about me, behind my back.

  • Ryan Z

    I don’t know where else to go. I just hope at least some of you have the courtesy to read this.
    A girl from my school added me on Facebook in early January and started messaging me, commenting on all my photos, etc…
    Well anyway, I don’t like to get attached so I never persued her. But she continued to hound me. We talked briefly throughout January, and early February. Then around February 20th we actually began to really talk. Anyway our conversations went so many directions and we talked for days, and hours on end. Some days even talking for seven or eight hours straight. Some days until four in the morning. We talked over the phone and through messaging. And of course saw eachother at school, but time was limited there. We sent a combined 12,000 messages in less than one week together. That’s more than I have even sent my best friends onFacebook over three years. So anyway, one night (around 4:30 AM) she flat out told me that she “wanted me”. She had told me before she didn’t know if she wanted a relationship because she liked our friendship so much she didn’t want it to end if “thing didn’t work out” and she didn’t want to “get hurt”. I told her I would never hurt her. We continued to talk throughout that week. She would always wake me at 6AM with a good morning text and we would talk throughout the day. So then on Thursday we decide to “hang out” spur of the moment and we didn’t really have any plans. So we kind of just drove around for an hour and a half. This is where things get strange. We had hung out before, and we had talked quite a bit right? Well later that Thursday night I could sense a change in her. Just the way she was talking and things she was saying. I didn’t bring it up however until the next day. This is where she tells me this————————————… i tell you , you will try to change and they aren’t flaws they are just things I prefer in a person I am pursuing. I think you are an amazing friend and I love ya the way you are in that way. Its too complicated to explain to someone… its just something I want in a guy I idk ”pursue”… I mean its possible things could grow but idk its complicated certain things attract me to pursue people, you have the intelligent sweet side but I like the game. I enjoy competition and more then just a win win… You don’t have game. simple as that… I mean I like you I like who you are and how you treat me… confidence is sexy confidence is a chase and confidence is a game… Which you don’t have.”———————————-… basically after she sent this she cut off all communication with me. What I find odd is that I’m not usually classified as a “nice guy” and I have no self esteem or confidence issues. I had no clue she wanted to “play the game” as most girls I’ve been with hate that and it drives them away. Really I’m confused as to why she acts like we aren’t even friend now, and where and why exactly did she decide I was a “nice guy” and things shouldn’t go any further. It seemed to just happen all of a sudden, and I’m just wondering why, and if in any way there is something I can do. Because like I said, I HATE to get attached because when they leave it sucks, and this proves my point further. I got attached again, and it f*cking sucks now. So if you had the courtesy to read this whole thing, please if you have any ideas, opinions, comments, questions, advice, or anything. Please post. Also you can email me directly at Chonecom@gmail.com

  • PoohBearPenguin

    Well the first day of my last period was February 12th. We are ttc so I got excited when my period didn’t come. I have been tired, eating like a small cow, my breasts were hurting and when I went for a standard drug test for my new job, the sight and thought of someone drawing blood made me sick and I almost threw up which is something thats not normal for me so with all of this I naturally got excited. I had a miscarriage in 2007 so this means the world to me.

    I went out to walmart, bought the generic brand of first response and did the business on the stick around 2pm on Monday. Right away a light positive line showed up before the standard line and I couldn’t believe it! I looked at it and stared at it for about 5 minutes and after that it slowly started to disappear! I took 3 more tests after this, 1 more that ended up like this and 2 that ended up negative. Did I maybe get a bad batch of tests? (it was a 4 pack). I am going to the doctor next week, just a little depressed about this because like I said it means the world. Has anyone had this happen before? What was the outcome? Thanks!
    Well the 2 false ones were when i first woke up, the 2 positives were ones i did in the middle of the day lol it just doesn’t make sense!

  • Jeff

    Ok so we started going out in April 9,2009. We were all good lubby dubby, but i thought it was toooo soon. So i broke up with him for no reason, i was stupid at the time. So like a month laster we got back together. We never stopped talking. So ever since we were like a perfect couple, he would try his best on always visiting me, taking me lunch, spending my lunch time with me, we would go out. Ect…so when we had 5months he met my mother. Mom liked him alot.! So everything went well at month 7 we started having sex. Then few weeks later found out he had taken flowers to this girl who he was talking to before he got with me but he chose me over her. But he told me she was having rough moments and he just took them to her as friends, so i was like ok i forgave him because i didnt want this relationship to end because i seriously fell for him. i fell in love with him. So on december 18th he put a ring on my finger. Its a promise ring till we actually get married, since im too young, must wait to the legal age. Soooo everything was going well. Im a very jealous person but because my ex from years ago made me into this. I was never like that NEVER i hate jealous people. So with all the bad shit my ex had done to me im now scared of loosing the one i love right now, or im scared to get played, laughed at and get embarrassed again. you feel me? So everything was good i mean like every other couple we had our ups and downs but still together no matter what. Everyone in his family well almost liked me. Same over here all the family liked him, only ones that didnt know abt him is my father and brother. But now they do. So on december 31st he went out to the club with one of his homegirls [theyre like sister&brother] so i trusted him and was ok with it, but still kinda mad that he would bump into some of his exs at the club or something. So that day happen, january 2 came along and i went to go see him and ect we were fine. but once i left he told me he was going out the the club again so i was like ok? and kinda mad at the moment because he never goes out and now all of a sudden he was. So i was just thinking, but also couldnt think wrong or bad because the girl was going back to the army a few days later but this time to iraq. So i let that go….sooo our anniversary comes up january 9th, we had planned to go out to the party but i was feeling sick, wasnt really in the mood. He called and told me he didnt know if he was going to be able to go because his uncle [which is his ride] was going to work till 11:30pm and he [my bf] had to work the next morning at 6am. so he said theres no point so i said ok…so since hes going back to the army in february/march he said he was guna go run and start getting back in shape. So then he ran and i told him to call me back whenever he was done and he said ok. So we textd after he came back and then we stopped he never wrote back so i was like aahh owell he proly fell asleep, maybe he was tired from running. this was like 6pm…soooo 10pm comes and i called/textd and nothing? So i textd him for him to call me back asap, and they text me back saying “fuck off hoe” so im like wtf! and call and some girls answer and starts cursing at me. So i called his mom crying cuz i couldnt belive it. So then later he textd me like arounf 1:23am saying he was sorry that he was in the rr wen this all happend…so then i let it go, but im still mad at the fact that those girls talked shit but didnt say or do nothing. so then he post some pictures on his myspace from that night and there pix of girls bootydancing on each other and a pic of a girls ass with clothes on though. so i got mad. i mean what girlfriend wouldnt get mad if they see that? so i grabbed all the pix where he didnt come out and put them in an album called “HOES” lol but i put it PRIVATE! but supposably they werent. so tuesday comes along [jan.12] and he took our pix off his myspace and says its over. he never answered my calls or msg till later, he told me that was so emmature and retarded that he was pissed off cuz it wasnt the first time, that im always disrespecting his friends [which are 95% girls] and blah blah blah…and im like so its officially over? and he says yes. so i couldnt accept that i was going crazy! next day i didnt eat at all! i cried all day…etc. so i went to his dads house to talk to my bf and he talked it out and all he ended up saying is that we needed time away from each other that it was over and that if we really are meant to be then we will get back together in the future. he said he does love me but that he couldnt deal with much more anymore. He said things arent so good and he thinks its best for us to be away before things get worse. sooo im scared that hes guna gave me waiting and never comes back. …like idkk what to do? do i move on? or do i wait? but wat if he doesnt come back or what if he falls for someone else? like idkk its so hard. love hurts please help me out. I NEED ALOT OF HELP rig

  • Gamer959

    In November of 2009 my boyfriend and I found out that I was pregnant. We weren’t expecting it, but it’s not like we were being careful and protecting ourselves. Anyways, on Halloween, we had a little bit of a party and were drunk. Later on that night, once everybody cleared out, we got out of control. During the “process” we both looked at each other and said “if it happens, it happens” and “we’ll deal with it if it happens.” When I went to the doctor, I found out that I was about 6 weeks and 4 days along. Which would have put conception date in very early November. So it seemed. I did what I could to prepare. I looked for more children to babysit, I talked to my boyfriend about getting more hours at work, but at the time it seemed hopeless. I didn’t give up though. Later on, my boyfriend ended up telling his parents and well, that didn’t go too well. I went to their house, because apparently his mother wanted to just talk to us into how to prepare. Only when I got there, it turned into a big fight.

    Him and I have only been together for 5 months ( which to us wasn’t a factor ) and she said nasty things to me. She told me that I was trapping her son ( which I wasn’t ), she said she wanted a DNA test to make sure the baby was his, because I have had intercourse with someone else ( which at the time she should have known, I would have cheated on her son … we were always together, there would have been no time, even if I was going to ). Anyways…she told me that she hoped I had a miscarriage. She offered her son their car and $1000 to leave me. Let’s just say, she made my life a living hell. A couple weeks went by and on December 12th, 2009 the sad event took place. I was at my friends place for the day and was having major bleeding and cramping. I went to the washroom and had a cramp where I literally could not breath. When I got up and cleaned up, I noticed a white curled up “thing” in one of my blood clots. I looked closer and found out that it was my baby inside the sac. I cried and almost panicked. I went downstairs to where my friend was and played it cool. Around 9 PM I couldn’t handle it anymore, I told her that I had to get going home. Before I left her house, I called my boyfriend in Georgetown and told him that I needed him to meet me at the Hospital and that I think I saw the baby in the toilet. He asked if I was alright and rushed over. My friend at the time though, listened to what I was saying and rushed me to the hospital. I was in tears, in a lot of pain and could not sit down properly. After the miscarriage was confirmed, I sat at home depressed for about 1.5 weeks.
    My boyfriend was angry with his parents for saying such awful things to me, when my parents were ready and able to help us out if we needed it. We talked it over and we were thinking about having a baby within the next couple years. I would be 20 and him 22 / 23. I want to know what you think. That would put us at 2.5 years together. He is beginning a roofing job in February, which would bring in quite the amount of money needed. I will probably be working retail, but it would give us something. So with 2.5 years together, 1,000’s of dollars saved, probably engaged, if not married and lots of things we have wanted to do, done. Like travelling. Would you say that that would be an appropriate time to have a child? Both of us have wanted a child for a long time and we have done a lot of things in our lives that we have wanted to do before having a family. Like, travelling, partying, etc. So we personally believe that if we have done that, have had a good relationship and lots of money saved, that it would be a good time to start a family…what do you think?

    Please be honest, but nice. Thank you!