What We Played | September 10 – 16

  • Keaton

    My encounter with Irepairsquad started on may 22 2008, when I was searching online for a refurbished Xbox. With the professional look of their site and the promises they had made on there I decided to choose them over blue bay electronics that have a less flashy site. Plus Irepairsquads site made claims that they were the ones with the superior Xboxes that NEVER get the Red Rings of Death. As it says on their website….

    Here’s what differentiates our Refurbished Xbox 360s & eliminates the “Red Ring of Death” forever:
    We install an additional internal cooling fan
    We apply a special, higher quality thermal paste to the processor
    We re-work the heatsink & soldering joints

    After that I went to check with the Better Business Bureau which at the time had a satisfactory rating for Irepairsquad, thinking that its not easy to satisfy all costumers and being in repair business there will always be issues with customers, and the satisfactory rating was enough to have me convinced that this isn’t a scam but a company. I also read an article in the Peoria Journal Star that had a positive article about how collage graduates have build a business in Peoria.

    Soon after my order where I found it a bit sketchy that the receipt said “credit card captured” but I later found out that they truly did capture my money and scammed me for 100% of it. I also ordered next day shipping on the Xbox which should of been arriving the next day but didn’t, I tried to ask the people on the phone and on the site what was going on (at that time they still had a phone service) but every time another employee gave me a different answer always saying that it will ship out today or tomorrow or telling me their order of “Fans” didn’t arrive yet I later found out that I’m not the only one who had to wait for their Xbox to arrive, which it did 8 days later instead of the next day.

    For the first few days the Xbox worked fine it showed some sketchy symptoms like having a red pitch to the screen the first time you turn it on but that went away after 2 minutes so I figured it might have been my TV. I didn’t play any games that were stated as being damaging towards the Xbox mainly playing FIFA most of the time. I had left Virginia for a week between the 10th and 17th of June so I didn’t play the Xbox at all. Then by late June before I’ve had the Xbox for a month it got the RROD (basically crashed) which Irepairsquad in their ads said would never happen “Here’s what differentiates our Refurbished Xbox 360s & eliminates the “Red Ring of Death” forever”.

    I told Irepairsquad about it and they told me to send it in… from June 26th when it broke till July 16th I didn’t have an the Xbox, when the Xbox did arrive it broke the very next day and on July 23rd I send the Xbox out again after talking to a representative named Amanda I was trying to get a refund after the experiences I’ve had with them but she assured me that the Xbox will be replaced and inspected that it works, but that didn’t happen Irepairsquad kept on sending me back my Xbox that was defected.
    Right now im away in collage and I just got the xbox sent to me from my parents house, and it crashed the same day after Irepairsquad fixed it at the start of September sent it to my parents house where it just sat for a month then they sent it to me. In that period it was not played at all.

    Due to the quality of the Xbox I’ve only had it work in proper fashion for about 1 month out of the last 4, and im 250 bucks in the hole.

    Right now my refund warranty is done and the only thing they say I can do is keep re-pairing the Xbox. Personally I would love to give them the Xbox back and just get my money back. They have scammed me with a Xbox that isn’t even close to what they claimed it to be and are currently holding my money hostage claiming “there is nothing they can due” how about giving me a product that works? I guess it’s easy to make a claim but hard t back it up and they have certainly failed.

    I feel helpless right now and I don’t know what to do… so I decided to write a letter about my experience with them and try to get my refund back if anyone could help me. I paid 264 dollars having done some research and though I was getting a good deal now I’m sitting here with a broken Xbox feeling like I’m a big fool for trusting them with my money. What should I do? Can anyone help?

  • Eric

    I had heard of this guy but i didnt think too much of it but heres a little of what I found. Survived the Holocaust as a Hungarian Jew, started out as an analyst an made alot of money using a philosophy of “reflexivity” based on Karl Poppers (a socialist). well he ended up making alot of money…..but this bothers me

    On Black Wednesday (September 16, 1992), Soros became immediately famous when he sold short more than $10 billion worth of pounds, profiting from the Bank of England’s reluctance to either raise its interest rates to levels comparable to those of other European Exchange Rate Mechanism countries or to float its currency.

    Finally, the Bank of England was forced to withdraw the currency from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and to devalue the pound sterling, and Soros earned an estimated US$ 1.1 billion in the process. He was dubbed “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

    In 1997, during the Asian financial crisis, then Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused Soros of using the wealth under his control to punish ASEAN for welcoming Myanmar as a member.

    He was also convicted of insider trading in France in 2002. he gave 527 different groups over 23million dollars in an attempt to defeat Bush in the 2004 election.

    The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies reports the case of a former Georgian parliamentarian who alleges that in the three months prior to the Rose Revolution, “Soros spent $42 million ramping-up for the overthrow of Shevardnadze.

    Shevardnadze had by most accounts won the 2003 election fairly but was ousted in 2004 due to the Rose Revolution in Georgia(the Country).

    In 2006,
    MoveOn and the Center for American
    Progress waged a campaign
    against Cheney’s Halliburton. Halliburton’s
    stock dropped from $40
    to $26 a share. While MoveOn
    railed against Halliburton, Soros
    gradually bought 1,999,450 shares.
    By December 2006, these shares
    comprised more than 2% of his
    total portfolio, making Halliburton
    the Soros Fund Management’s biggest investment that
    year. Then, the attacks on Halliburton stopped, and the stock
    value began climbing, climbing all the way up to today’s $50/

    He founded a group called the democratic alliance which heavily funded Moveon.org and ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) Who played major roles in running campaign ads.

    So my point is How did a relativily unknown 1st term U.S. Senator from Chicago somehow became President in 4 years with very little actual experience? i cant help but feel we were somehow bought off….

    The thing that bothers me the most is by many accounts he was the largest and one of the first supporters of Obama but it makes no mention of it in his wikipedia page
    Im not stressing this on Obama but George Soros and his money have bought alot of influence and I think thats wrong. When you spend alot of money to remove a head of state in a foreign country i think it sets a very dangerous tone. Not to mention what he did to the bank of England, what if he had done this to an American bank? Im not trying to stress a right wing conspiracy but i think George Soros money is clearly buying power.

  • DuckieM10

    Ok so I’m 16 year old boy..I’m in 10th grade ..so this is my first year is high school..
    I have a really nice story yet touching..that actually happened to me..
    So I’ve met this girl like 4 years ago & in the first moment I saw her I thought that she was ugly and not for me..We became so close ..Her aunt and my aunt were friends..this is how we met each other.So I and her became so close and shared secrets and other stuffs best friends do together.I used to go visit her at her house like twice a week or she would come visit me.We really loves each other too much.I never realized I liked her until in 7th grade.So in 7th grade I and her barely saw each other and I didn’t use to go at her house anymore because her dad or mom didn’t like me and it was stupid if i went there.I waited and waited ..missed her so much for a year when then in 8th grade she moved at my school.in the first days when she moved at my school we talked so much but then rummors started that we’re going out and everyone was like ‘OMG They’re so cute together..they’re going out’ so she wanted for us to don’t talk for a while because of those rummors.It was hard but I tried to not talk to her for a while.So after a while people didn’t talk about us anymore.In the 2nd semester she went back at her school.I was feeling down because I knew I wouldn’t ever see her again.But after another year in 2011 January 19 when i was on 9th grade she finally came to visit me..It was a great surprise when I came back from school seeing her there..and first thing she said when she saw me was ‘Omgosh You’re so handsome!’ I was feeling a bit good then lol . So I talked to her that day for 2 hours..I didn’t even know how 2 hours went that fast..I swear it was like 2 minutes 🙂 .So then she went back at her home and then I didn’t see her for a few months..Now I realized that i love her so freaking much and she cannot be replaced by anyone else in my life.In September 2011 when I was 15 and in 10th grade I went to high school and I found out I and her are at the same school.I was so excited.I saw her a few times at school but didn’t talk to her cuz everytime I saw her my brain would stop working lol =] and I didn’t know what to say..so one day I finally talked to her and she was so glad to see me again..I always thought she liked me too and another day I told her that I like her but what she told me was that she likes me but as her brother..not in the way I mean..I was really hurt and didn’t talk to her in a while.Now we still talk and we’re closer than before ..She told me the guy she is going out with since a year now and she loves him so much..But actually I don’t really know that guy so good but my friends has told me that he is such an asshole and plays with woman..and I’ve told her to be aware of him a few times but she says that she is no bad to her..I just feel bad for her because he lies her soo much .. She trusts me so much that she even told me her fb password and told me to see some messages of him to her..Then after a week she told me to not log on her account anymore because she doesn’t want to see her messages for a while.But I was sooo stupid and I logged into her account a few times to see their messages to each other..I know that was NOT nice of me but I’m so in love with her and I just don’t know..I feel like dying when I see their messages to each other..I just want to be with her so bad.she is like everything to me
    I’m really sorry.I didn’t mean to write that much but guess my story is too long . Some of you may probably think that I’m lying but that’s actually a TRUE story..I just wanted to her some opinions of some of you there..My friend has told me that there are nice people there and I should write here for anything =] So I want to consult ..Thanks for all your opinions..Looking forward to read them =]

  • Andre

    …..and for an added bonus describe them (their birthdays, hair color, eye color their personality etc)

    Owen Scott
    Archer Nathaniel
    Luke Bryan
    Jake Arthur
    Milo James
    Declan Pierce
    Jasper Cole..

    In the order of birth: Owen, Luke, Archer, Jasper (twins), Declan, Jake and Milo

    Owen Scott- November 25th, 1999 (12)- Owen was born first. He has dark hair (blonde-brown) and hazel eyes. He is the sporty one of the boys. He likes to play soccer, football anything that involves sports he will play. He gets okay grades in school but he mostly likes to think about sports

    Luke Bryan- August 16th, 2001 (10) Luke has blonde hair and blue eyes. (Looking nothing like Owen) and he is very quiet and shy. He likes to get involve with discussions involving reading or something to the extent of math science. He is smart. He doesn’t do any sports much to his brother’s dismay. He just likes to sit back and read.

    Archer Nathaniel and Jasper Cole- June 8th, 2003 (8)- Archer was born first and he had brown hair and green eyes. Right from the start we knew that he would be the louder of the two. He came out screaming while his brother Jasper took a quieter approach into the world. Archer now is very loud and the wild child. He likes to go outside and make a mess of things. Jasper while a twin to Archer, is quieter. He also has brown hair and green eyes. Through his hair is lighter (more like Owen’s) and his eyes are a different shade of green. Jasper is the practical on of the two and he likes to have things go his way. He will throw a fit if they don’t.

    Declan Pierce- January 30th, 2005 (6) Declan has blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is the *good* child while he’s not shy like Luke or loud like Archer. He is very outgoing he says hi to everybody, he obeys orders from both teachers and parents. He is very happy child. He loves life and he likes to play with his older and younger brothers.

    Jake Arthur- July 5th, 2007 (4) Jake is also the bubbly child much like his older brother Declan. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He while being bubbly is very adventurous and can wonder off where he is not suppose to. He is definitely a bubbly little boy through

    Milo James- September 27th, 2009 (2) Milo has brown hair and green eyes. He’s the clingy child of the bunch. He is shy and quiet and he likes to cling to mommy a lot. He does follow Jake around but usually he is stuck with me (or hanging on my leg)

    Have fun!
    @ Princess- I was bored… its summer so I have time for stuff like this lol 😀

  • Dark_LovexXx

    Pick the month u were born in
    Jan-—I kicked
    February–i loved
    March–i did the macarena with
    April–i played with
    May–i choked on
    June–i murdered
    July-i sang
    August–i had lunch with
    September–i danced with
    October–i smoked
    November–i yelled at
    December–I ran over
    Pick the day (number) you were born on:
    1–a paperclip
    2–a monster
    3–a phone
    4–a fork
    5–a gangster
    6–a Mexican
    7–a cell phone
    8–my dog
    9–my best friends boyfriend
    10–my neighbor
    11–an ipod
    12–a banana
    13–Chuck Norris
    14–a stuffed animal
    15–a goat
    16–a pickle
    17–your mom
    18–a spoon
    20–a football player
    21–a ninja
    22–a fireman
    23–a noodle
    24–a squirrel
    25–a baseball bat
    26–my sister
    27–my brother
    28–my science teacher
    >29-a permanent marker
    30– a llama
    31–A homeless guy
    Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:
    White–Because i was high.
    Black–Because that’s how i roll.
    Pink–Because im NOT homosexual.
    Red–Because the voices told me to.
    Blue–Because im sexy and do what i want
    >Green——Because I hate myself.
    >Purple——Because Im cool.
    >Gray——–Because i was drunk
    >Yellow——Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
    >Orange—-Because i hate my family.
    >Other——-Because my mom told me not to get wet.
    >none——Because i cant control myself.

    i no its a random question but the teacher never said wat to ask lol so im askin u wat ur birthday is and wat color ur shirt that u r wearing right now … but im asking some of my friends some more questions
    mine was i had lunch with my mom because i hate myself

  • tefa_96

    I do not get how to do the armageddon achievement on armies of gielinor. Does anyone know how to do it? Please help me.

  • Cpt Excelsior

    so me and my ex partner split up in september last year…
    When we split up, he left the family home from which we were being evicted from due to a water bill he didnt pay and him and his mother had took legal advice etc… due to the house being private the landlady served a section 21 notice, we had til the end of november to move. Dues to this, the start of december I ended up in temporary accomodation before moving to my new permanent address in feb this year.
    During the month of december my ex partner decided he would steal my youngest child, prior to this he had been asking me to transfer the child benefit into his name so that he could get a flat quicker, I refused this as the child was primarily in my care, he then offered to give me the benefits (if i put them in his name) and he would give me more money on top of this… still i declined, this resulted in him taking the child and attempting to claim child benefit, resulting in the babies money being stopped and goin under investigation for 16 weeks. I went to a solicitor and got a court order, temporary residence order ordering my 14 month old child to be returned to me, this has resulted now into a custody battle.
    During this period, somehow he managed to get my bank details changed over to his (for child benefit) and my eldest sons child benefit continued to go into his bank for a further 10 weeks, he denied any aknowledgement of recieving this money to me and to his solicitor although just 2 days ago i got a call from the child benefit office stating they had spoke to my ex partner and he’s admitted to getting the money and wants to know how to give it back and they advised him to just hand the money over. Yesterday my father phoned my ex about this, he once again denied recieving the money.
    He has also not paid a penny of maintenance since december, the csa cannot get intouch with him, he ignores the phone calls, doesnt reply to the letters and neither does his employer… his mother.
    Now yesterday, i recieved a call from social services, my ex partner has put in an application for a protection act on my youngest child due to the child having a bruise on his forehead, bearing in mind this child 2 weeks ago took his first steps. Now my father once again rang my ex about this because we decided it best to withdraw contact due to the seriousness of these allegations, when my dad mentioned this and the reason my ex partner replied with “well you should hear some of the stuff shes said about me” this to me implies that he’s trying to play a point scoring game, just over a week ago i supplied my solicitor with photographic evidence of my ex’s drug taking INFRONT of my children, also photographic evidence of his drinking antics and how he gets to the point of intoxication that he falls asleep in public places, family members home, half on and half off the settee etc. His response to this, obviously was that I now abuse my children.

    Hes accused me of neglect, accused me of taking drugs, accused me of being an alcoholic, accused me of being in bed til dinner time and now hes accused me of abusing my children.

    Ive offered to take drugs tests, alcohol tests, supplied evidence im up before 9 every morning and also got social workers involved myself to prove my children ARE NOT neglected.

    Cafcass have not yet got involved, due to my ex partners alligations the courts have ordered a social worker to do a section 7 report so that the judge can verify before any legilisations are made that the children are safe.

    I’m fed up of this accusations, god knows what hes going to accuse me of next…

    is there anything I can do to stop this sort of stuff happening?
    The social worker doing this report has to trawl through all my history (which there shouldn’t be any problems with) but also my parents history and my mother was an alcoholic, mentally ill woman… will this affect me? I was brought up by my father from being 9 years old.
    Bob: he left the family home because he was sleeping with another girl. And doesn’t all this “agro” prove that if I gave him my childs money he would have found other ways to cause problems. CONSIDERING he stole £200 off my oldest son that has nothing to do with him whatsoever??

  • Mackenzie P

    Sorry for how long this is going to be and thankyou ahead of time for taking the time to read it and to answer…Okay will give a little bit of background so you know where im coming from!
    I met lewis 4 years ago and for 2 years everything was fine, we gt on really well and were very happy however he then wanted to move in together and start trying for a family but we were 22 at the time and i had had a reallt bad relationship before and didnt feel ready for that, especially as i had also been pregnant and miscarried. So we broke u in Jan 2009 for 6 months, he still called most days and wanted to try and work things out but at that time i couldnt. He knew i was dating other people but nothing serious and I also had a month trip away with a friend of mine during that time. We got back together in the July and we agreed to move in together and then start trying for a family…we moved in in the september and then it came out that in the 6 months we was broken up for he had slept with a friend of his on 2 occasions. I know we weret together, it was the fact that I asked him if anything had happened with anyone whilst we as broken up and he told me no, ad also the fact he had still had contact with her although it was just to tell her how well things were going with us and he never met her since the day we got bck together. So he changed his number and we tried to move on but i couldnt let it go, partly because i was so shocked. We broke up a few times between october and december becasue he couldnt take my questioning about it, looking back it was everyday all day, hed go to work nd id start texting him about it. But we got back together in Jan and everything was great, i fell pregnant in July 2010 and we were both over the moon. However in November a girl that hed talked to the year before in the 6 months we was aprt for started sending him messages on facebook, he hardly used it, only to play poker and he showed me the messages. I asked him to ask her when he had met her as i wasnt sure it was whilst we was apart and she replied it was dec 08, whilst we was still togther. He went mad, saying that she was lying that it was the feb 10 and he had never done anythi g whlst we were together. I didnt know who to believe and being pregnant and hormonal it played on my mind constantly. They had met in a bar and talked on faceboo a few times, never exchanged numberes even but i kept thinking if it had happend when we was together that makws him a cheat. It then came to light hed been lying about giving up smoking and i jest flipped, i lost my teper and hit him ;-( I knew we had to seperate, i ouldnt trust him and the police came and waited whilst he packed. He did say maybe youve met someone else and thats the reason yore doing ths to me, i bet the baby isnt even mine! But the next day just said it was in the heat of the moment. Anyway that was 4 months ago and since then hes continued to pay half the rent as his names on the lease ad come to scans and weve had weekly contact. Anyway i dont know why but on sunday i just wanted him home, our sons due next month and it feels wrong him not being here. So i spoke to his sister who told me that a month after we broke up he started dating her best friend. This cut me up, it just feels immoral that hes dating someone else whilst im carrying his child???!!! I know we arent together etc etc but it still hurts. So i texted him just saying i wish you was at home eith us and he saidme too, i wish i could come home, can we meet? So we met monday and talked and he had his laptop with him. I asked why and he proceeded to show me 2 emails, 1 from him to the facebook team asking if they could send him the date of the request he made to that girl and 1 from them confirming the date was the 16th January, so the girl had lied all along, which emans it was the weekend fter we broke up which is what he alway said ;-( so my reason for breaking up with him in the first place, apart from the smoking was actually unfounded. So i aked him if hs been seeing anyone in thelast 5 months and he said no. I thought oh great, still lying about things to avoid an argument but then after he dropped me home he texted and said com back out i need to tell you something, and he told me. I told him i already knew anyway andhe said there wasnt any feelings for her and that he had kinda just used it as a distraction to get me out of his head, i know from his sister they didnt sleep together as the girls her best mate but he did tell her he wasnt sure the baby was his nd this hurts me alot. He said he was just so angr i had taken him away from his unborn child and that h stopped seeing her a week ago and that it woldnt have mattered wheni sent that text, regardles of her he would have come straight home. But i know the reason he stopped seeing her was cos she went on holiday and slept around so how do i know??He says he wasnts to come home over the weekend, get married and be together, what should i do?? xxxxx

  • Hotshot t

    I have completed all 6 levels of illegal fighting at the stadium but i haven’t unlocked the achievement? Is there others in a different location or have i missed something?

  • Willie

    What exactly constitutes as a professional achievement? I haven’t had a previous job, so i don’t know what to put? Can someone give me some examples or something?

  • Courtney

    Tata’s Nano is an excellent example of bringing another ‘luxury item’ to be common man’s asset. Hats off to the the people behind it. that is just one example. What do you think should be the next achievement of India? In which field does the country need to show its expertise next?

  • joevsyou

    I picked the Doggies the minute Ross Lyon said…”If you’re not up to the challenge, come and see me in my office and we’ll move you on!”

    You never achieve greatness by submission, just leverage!

    Hear are my reasons for a western bulldog premiership:
    1 – super fit
    2 – right age and game experience
    3 – enough stars
    4 – good bottom six
    5 – full of desire and motivation from losing repeatedly
    6 – great coach match day and player manager
    7 – good off field leadership
    8 – good facilities
    9 – pushing forward with membership and playing arrangements
    10 – many players can kick goals inside and outside the arc
    11 – good onfield leadership
    12 – good tackling side
    13 – skillful side
    14 – fitness is managed well for september
    15 – they can score quickly at bursts
    16 – great full back
    17 – disciplined
    18 – genuine mate ship amongst group

    Why other teams won’t beat them.
    1 – St Kilda fear to fail
    2 – Lyon has too big an ego
    3 – Why did luke ball wish to leave?, a genuine ball winner and great tackler
    4 – they want it too much.
    5 – They don’t have an exceptional offield admin and have not handled Lovett Murray well

    1 – Geelong will not have the supremacy over other sides this year, every win will require, what seems like, more effort.
    2 – They will fatigue and possibly injure themselves,
    3 – Too much talk about money
    4 – no burning desire

    Hawthorn will
    1 – be a major improver this year
    2 – will need plenty more from their bottom six
    3 – need Roughead and Franklin being more defensive
    4 – struggle down back

    1 – Will need the help of their fans to win the close ones
    2 – Will fatigue under the pressure of their fans
    3 – will struggle down back
    4 – No genuine dominant forward

    1 – the smokey
    2 – well coached and with the advent of competition down the road, we’ll be at the top of their game. 3 – Fevola could unsettle harmonies.

    1 – bogged down with scientific/technicalities by their coach.
    2 – Will find rhythm and their confidence will build and so will their ladder position.
    3 – Need help down back

    I believe Hawthorn and Collingwood will be the major threats to the Dogs and anything short of a Grand Final at Moorabin and the pressure will mount on Lyon, and unsettle the Saints for the following year.

    But can the big game players of the Doggies rise to the challenge and win in the tight ones?, Is there enough will in the group to over run and succeed? That is my only concern

    The rest can “learn from this moving forward”

    Well there are my opinions for the coming year. Who do you see winning this year? And Why? You can only beat who you’re scheduled to play, so why will the other teams fail? And why will your choice win?

  • Jeffery Carlson

    I’m trying to run Mass Effect (1) on my laptop. My system requirements all fit, except i don’t have an actual video card. Is there any way i can get around this? My internal chipset meets all the requirements for playing the game, but it wont run on my computer. It begins to run, but when the game launches and the fullscreen window appears, it closes and a windows error appears.

  • Miguel M

    So last year, my high school business teacher made us do this Junior Achievement program where we had to make up our own company and then sell our goods/services to students at our school. He told us that it was a good thing to put on a resume. Since I am now looking for a job, I am wondering, was he just saying that so we felt like we were getting something out of it or should I actually put it on my resume?