Paragon’s New Hero and Beta Release Date

Epic has announced some new details regarding its MOBA, Paragon. There’s going to be a beta, a new hero and changes to the game’s matchmaking process.

On August 16th, Paragon will open its doors to the general public. Recently, the MOBA game has been in paid early access, and the only way to play it is to buy a founder’s pack. Just a couple days ago, Epic released a physical copy of the game called Paragon Essentials Edition. The PS4 copy included instant access to the game as well as some other bonus features. In just a couple of months Paragon will be open for anyone to play.

Paragon Khaimera Screenshot

Additionally, a new hero has joined Paragon’s ranks: Khaimera. The savage beast will be available to play on June 21st. Khaimera specializes in close combat. He gets right in the action with duel axes to slice up his opponents. His strengths lie in isolating targets and disrupting fights. Being Paragon’s first duelist class, it’ll be interesting to try him out and compare him to the other heroes who are focused on AOE attacks and group strategies. Check out the announcement trailer to see him in action.

Finally, according to the Paragon developer’s blog, there are going to be some other changes to the game as well. The game will be initiating a Draft Mode which will change how players select their heroes before a match. It’s goal is to reduce matchmaking queue times to get players in the action faster. Also, the hero balancing is going to be adjusted. Passive abilities will be removed as well as the process of leveling a hero’s basic attack ability. “We found that both of these options, Passive Abilities and leveling choices, did not provide as much depth or strategic value as initially envisioned,” states the blog. The Card Experience Sharing will also undergo some changes. All of these changes are going toward making a more balanced game as it heads toward the open beta during the summer.

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