Watch: A Battle Royale Mode is Arriving to Fortnite


As it appears on the PlayStation Blog, Fortnite is expanding very soon with the addition of a Battle Royale mode. This new feature will arrive on September 26 for all Early Access players but it’s also available already on the Public Test server. Beware of that version though, for Epic Games has confirmed that you may experience some stability issues as of now.

Following the likes of PUBG and H1Z1, the mode brings together 100 players on one giant map. Once you jump from a very mesmerizing “battle bus”, Fortnite‘s co-op nature vanishes into a wild PvP scheme. As you may imagine, the last player standing wins.

What makes this mode version somehow special is Fortnite‘s focus on world forming, which certainly brings a fresh air. “We thought,” says Creative Director Donald Mustard, “that if we took Fortnite‘s dynamic, destructible world and its unique building mechanics and then combine that with what’s best in the Battle Royal genre, then we could create something that is amazing.” This mode is completely separated from PvE to ensure overall balance and will surely expand in the future with more features.


Fortnite is still in Early Access and gearing towards a 2018 release. While right now you need to pay in order to get in, the game will follow a free-to-play scheme, similar to what Epic Games is currently doing with Paragon. If you were thinking about giving it a try, this may be your chance. Epic Games is offering a 25% discount on the Standard and Deluxe Edition Founder’s Packs between the 12th and 18th of September.

Have you tried Fortnite, Fanatics? How do you find the combination between its sandbox elements with that extra weapon action? Let us know in the comment section!

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