Overwatch’s Twitter Teases a new Character!


Everyone obsessed with Overwatch has been waiting with bated breath to see who our first post release character will be. With this latest tweet from Blizzard’s Overwatch twitter it looks like it’s gonna be Sombra!

In a tweet on July 6th Overwatch‘s twitter released an image of a sniper rifle that seems to be outfitted with healing abilities. At the moment the details are sketchy but our new character might be support class hero who can heal and defend from a far. That’s been the fan speculation for a while at least.

There has been numerous teaser materials throughout the game and in character to character dialogue about Pharah’s mother Sombra. We’ve seen a few images of what we may be expecting from the character, but as for how she plays? We’ll just have to wait and see, it’s all purely speculation at this point.


There is no word yet on when we’ll see more info on the hero, or if it even is Sombra we’ve been seeing all this time. Blizzard has promised more heroes to come since it’s launch in May, all of which will be free to download. We can only wait patiently to see what Blizzard has in store and how this new character will change-up the game.

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