Overwatch’s Next Animated Short: The Last Bastion


If you’ve played Overwatch for more than 3 matches and missed being mowed down by everyone’s most hated beep-booping bot of salt then you’ll get a full preview when Blizzard releases Bastion’s story trailer at Gamescon on August 18th.

This latest animation will be the first to be seen post Overwatch release. The last story trailer we saw was back in May, which gave some information on Solider 76’s life post Overwatch. 3 months later we get another glimpse into the world of Overwatch that fans have been salivating for like rabid dogs.


What is interesting here though is the choice of Bastion’s reveal trailer for this particular moment in time. With all the Sombra conspiracy theories floating around fans can’t help but feel the two are connected – or they pray that it’s the case. The ultimate hope is that Blizzard will reveal some information on Sombra at Gamescon, but only time will tell.

Until then? It may be fun to venture down yet another Sombra conspiracy rabbit hole.

There has been speculation about who reactivated Bastion. It would have to be someone with knowledge of computers, robotics and potentially hacking – you see where this is going. Over in r/Overwatch redditors have been chasing down any crazy lead that comes up.


My personal favourite is Ganymede, Bastion’s lil’ bird buddy, is the watchful eye of Sombra. I don’t want to go all shifty in conspiracy mode here… but…

Look at Ganymede’s eyes.

If he were a real bird wouldn’t they have a little more natural look to them? After all the effort put into codes and information it’s hard to believe the development team is doing anything by accident. But let us know in the comments about your own crazy theories.

We love to hear them.

So we can post them on our walls and string red tape and wire between them like we’re Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind.

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