November 2016 PlayStation Plus Lineup Revealed

As we are getting closer to Halloween, November is just around the corner. So, here are next month’s free games that were revealed for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

PlayStation Plus - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

First on the list for PlayStation Plus, we have Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture for the PS4. A game developed by The Chinese Room, it is set in a small English town where civilians have mysteriously disappeared. The gameplay features the player interacting with various objects and floating lights to uncover what has happened to the inhabitants. Interested in solving mysteries that is accompanied by a great soundtrack? Then Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is definitely the game to pick up!

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

PlayStation Plus - The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Next up is The Deadly Tower of Monsters. Developed by ACE Team and published by Atlus, check out this cult classic 1970s B-movie game. With in-game director Dan Smith guiding the player while giving his commentary, the player will definitely enjoy some laughs. The lead actor in the game is the astronaut Dick Starspeed that landed on an alien planet. Starspeed’s ad-libbing on Smith’s commentary tries to create every moment to be exciting. As a top-down shooter, the player will definitely get some play-by-play commentary throughout this game.

Dirt 3

PlayStation Plus - Dirt 3

Moving along to the PlayStation 3, first game is Dirt 3. Developed and produced by Codemasters along with Feral Interactive, this is a rallying game players don’t want to miss! The objective in this game is to gain reputation points throughout the different game modes and events. As the player gains these points, eventually new cars and sponsors are obtainable. As this is the third installment in the series, there is a new game mode called ‘gymkhana.’ This puts the player having to go through obstacle courses and various tricks. Would you like to show off your awesome replays? No problem! The game allows you to upload them directly to YouTube so you can show it off. If you like rallying games, collecting new cars and doing crazy car tricks, then this game is for you.

Costume Conquest 2

PlayStation Plus - Costume Conquest 2

To tie up the PS3 games, next we have Costume Conquest 2. This role-playing game is developed by Double Fine Productions and published by Midnight City. The player starts off as picking one of the two fraternal twin siblings: Wren and Reynold. The game is set on Halloween night where the twins and their friends need to save Halloween from Dr. Orel White. Just like its previous game, there will be quests to be done. A new feature in this game allows time traveling to complete these quests. Do you think you can save Halloween? Then definitely give this game a try!

Letter Quest Remastered

PlayStation Plus - Letter Quest Remastered

Now moving on to the PS Vita, two games are cross buy for the PS4 and PS3. But first, let’s start with Letter Quest Remastered. Published by Digerati Distribution, this PlayStation Plus addition is a mix between Scrabble and an RPG. Meet Grimm and Rose as you help them create powerful words to defeat countless monsters, evil bunnies and ghosts while you enjoy the epic journey with a new soundtrack and endless mode. Do you like creating words and play RPGs at the same time? Then pick this game up!

Pumped BMX+

PlayStation Plus - Pumped BMX+

Lastly, to wrap up the free games this month is another cross buy game. Originally a franchise created for Apple’s iOS then ported to Android, now released on PS4, Pumped BMX + will fulfill the need for tricks, stunts and combos in this fast-paced arcade BMX game. Also developed by two actual BMX riders, Adam Hunt and Dan Lacey, they’ve created over 500 challenges that will keep the player busy. Do you love beating your arcade high score? Download this thrilling and addictive sports game!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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