New Resistance 3 Gameplay Video

This is just some of the goodness that came out of GDC 2011. Insomniac is back at it again, this game looks great. As you can see and hear, they have made many improvements on the franchise. Some of which are:

– Play as Joe Capelli, the last sentinel, confirmed.
– Game begins in Haven, Oklahoma, Joe Capelli’s home town. You must defend against the chimera in the town to allow the citizens and your family to escape.
– New enemies, Long-Legs, Brawler, Terra Forma (new Chimeran machine).
– Starts off four years after Resistance 2.
– No health regeneration, the game is all about survival, so you will have to look for health.
– Return to Resistance 1 gameplay elements, e.g. similar color palette, Weapon Wheel is back!
– Weapons have true ironsights.
– All weapons can be upgraded immensely e.g. upgraded Auger shoots 3 bullets at a time.
– Human allies will actually be helpful, but can die.
– Blood will splash on the screen, similar to Killzone but not to the same extent.
– Graphics have improved greatly.
– Enivironments are more destructible and dynamic.
– A lot more atmospheric and particle effects, Terra Forma changes the weather in the area.

Resistance has a release date of September 6th, 2011. It will be released exclusively on the PlayStation3.

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