New God Of War Trailer Kicks Axe | E3 2017

The New God Of War Looks Stunning  At 2017 E3 Showing

As shown in the new trailer, the new God of War is nothing short of the series’  gory-ious, rampaging, god-killing good times.

Coming “Early 2018” Kratos is back to kick major butt. And, if the taste given by Sony today is any indicator, every butt will be getting kicked.

As shown in the trailer, the unnamed ‘Boy’ who is called ‘Boy’ very frequently, still has an important (though unspecified) role in this outing. There is a section in the trailer where he looks like he can talk to a giant snake, but other than that, this is still Kratos’ show.

This marks the second time that God of War has been featured at an E3 show, first appearing at the show in 2016 with its announcement trailer that can be watched, here.

Unfortunately, nothing has been said about this game in the year since it was announced, which makes today’s “Early 2018” date equal parts hopeful (with how close it is) and frustrating (there is still the better part of a year that has to be waited through.


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