Mortal Kombat X Trailer: Kano Revealed

A new trailer from NetherRealm Studios has revealed Kano for the upcoming sequel, Mortal Kombat X. Kano is one of the original seven characters, although he has appeared in fewer games than the other originals. It also revealed a new stage, entitled Jungle. It also teased Kano’s laser eye based fatality.

Mortal Kombat X E3 2014 - Game Fanatics (2)

The series’ co-creator Ed Boon detailed Kano, describing him as older, more cybernetic. He has three fighting styles, the first being cutthroat where he will pound on his cybernetic heart to build up attacks, fighting with mostly knife based combos. The second is Cybernetic Kano, which powers up his laser eye attacks and equips him with more grenades.The third and final one is commando which gives him more grappling abilities improving his effectiveness  close range.

Mortal Kombat X releases in 2015 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.  Are you looking forward to the tenth iteration of this classic franchise, the first on next-gen consoles? What other characters do you hope appear? Let us know in the comments below.

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