Kombat Pack 2 Adds Horror Movie Stars to the MKX Roster

Kombat Pack 2 is coming in early 2016 to Mortal Kombat X, adding horrific creatures from all walks of life.

After unveiling Jason Voorhees in the first Kombat Pack, developer NetherRealms Studios is planning on continuing the horror movie trend by adding Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films) and the Alien Xenomorph to Mortal Kombat X. You can expect to see plenty of carnage with Kombatants being ripped apart a la chainsaw, and mini alien spawns bursting out of the chest cavities.

For Mortal Kombat veterans, Bo Rai Cho stumbles his way back onto the battlefield to daze and confuse players with his famous drunken fist style. Meanwhile, fan favorite Robot Smoke has been re-imagined into the new Kombatant Tri-Borg.

Also included in Kombat Pack 2 are classic Kombatants Cyrax and Sektor. Mortal Kombat X shows no signs of letting up the blood and brutality with these new creatures of mayhem and you can grab them all early next year.

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