Slice 'n Dice with new Metal Gear Rising Media

Heads up: Chef Raiden is serving up some meaty delights as new Metal Gear Rising footage and screenshots hit the web.

The three minute snippet is taken from the game’s tutorial level and briefly shows off its much touted ‘cut and take’ combat system.

A simple tap of L2 initiates ‘Blade Mode’, which allows the player to line up a precision sword strike on their chosen target – be it a docile water-melon or angry solider – and chop it up in any way they please. Severing a live target in the correct way (as indicated by a red cross-hair) allows Raiden to rip out and absorb their ‘nano-repair unit’ to keep his all-important ‘fuel cell’ meter topped up. Blade Mode itself is directly tied to this reserve, so zero fuel means zero free-form slicing.

The demo also shows off a brief combat section, a dash of free-running and a smidgen of not-so-subtle stealth, while the screenshots show much the same thing- only with more hyper-aggressive helicopters.

Metal Gear Rising is currently scheduled for an early 2013 release, but those looking to get their hands on it early can snag a pre-release demo arriving with the Zone of the Enders HD collection.

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